10 More Thoughts I Have Whilst Putting Makeup On

I enjoy my makeup time in the morning just as much as the next beauty lover. It’s solid me-time, and I just love starting my day with my routines (I’m spontaneous and interesting. No, really.) Though I’d be lying if I said that my brain doesn’t occasionally do a couple of farts whilst I’m putting my makeup on – contouring is thinky stuff! I jest. A while back, I did one of these posts and you, my dearest readers, seemed to like it so… here we go! Presenting ten more of my deliciously farty beauty thoughts.

  1. Why is clown contouring a thing? It all looks the same when blended out anyway.
  2. I want to do a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks, and go swimming after that. I wonder if that’s what they do for swimwear models’ photoshoots. Yes, I was inspired by NikkieTutorials‘ video, if you were wondering.
  3. Why do I always end up overlining my lips when I don’t want to? Laura, I guess we all suffer from the disappearing bottom lip line from time to time.
  4. My sideburns are yuuuuge.
  5. Why is the NYX Lip Lingerie shade range so orgasmic to look at? Pun not intended, promise.
  6. The no-mirror makeup challenge is my most-recommended recipe for disaster – it’s hard enough to do winged liner with a mirror. If I ever do it, I’ll just blend excessively and hope for the best.
  7. Oh hello there, lady moustache.
  8. Sometimes I just go on cosmetic companies’ websites and ogle all the products when I fancy a bit of makeup shopping but don’t want to burn cash. Is that normal?
  9. Maybe a wide-faced, glazed doughnut look will come into fashion one day and we’ll all invert our contour/highlight placement.
  10. Blush is a funny thing – we cover up our natural redness, then put fake redness on top. We’re a strange species.

What about you? Ever had any of these thoughts? (Please don’t tell me I’m the only one.) If not, I’d love to hear yours! You go girl.

– J

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15 Comments on “10 More Thoughts I Have Whilst Putting Makeup On”

  1. Smiling… I’m so not having these modern world issues… yet! LOL.

    LOVED this POST! You add a lovely hue to my life. A rosy cheeks feeling!

    Happy! Smiling! Thank you! 🙂

  2. You always make me laugh. I too do the window shopping online. I even put it all in my basket, then log out. For me, my make up time is usually a tearful occasion as i cannot tell you the amount of times I poke the mascara wand in my eye and spend 10 minutes muttering expletives. Its a dangerous game this make up malarky

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