10 Thoughts I Have Whilst Putting Makeup On

If you read my Midnight Snack Musings post, you’ll know that my brain occasionallyย  frequently goes into fart mode, usually when it shouldn’t. Here are ten thoughts I’ve had whilst painting my face.

  1. Photoshopping is like putting on digital makeup.
  2. Is it socially acceptable if I go out with huge cat whiskers on my cheeks, drawn with an eyeliner pen?
  3. I wonder if I’ve ever finished an entire tube of lipstick.
  4. I once had a mint green mascara as a kid. Maybe I should wear mint green mascara again.
  5. My face is so hairy.
  6. Damn it, I do look better with makeup on.
  7. It’s funny how makeup products claim to be the most long-lasting stuff there is and makeup removers claim to be able to remove the most long-lasting makeup products… who’s winning?
  8. My brows are like two spoilt children who play up as soon as I make any attempt to keep them in order.
  9. I should just finish using all the makeup I currently have, and then buy new stuff only when I have a clean slate. Hasn’t happened yet.
  10. We should apply blush in perfectly round circles, using the pinkest pink there is. If Russian dolls can work it, so can we.

What about you? If any of these sound familiar to you, or you’ve had some wacky stuff go through your mind when it comes to beauty, I’d love to hear it! You go girl.

– J

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57 Comments on “10 Thoughts I Have Whilst Putting Makeup On”

  1. Good lord, I feel like if I wrote down my rambling brain thoughts while I was putting on makeup it would be alot like..

    hmmm, colours, dab dab dab, shit, poke… ow, damn dog always wants outside when im doing my brows, makes me look crazy when I go outside. mmm wish wish wish, touch, ouch, where did that hair come from? Get out of here. Damn it. Oh… that black stuff doesn’t go there. I should wear more bright colours, you can’t you work in a corporate job.. Who put that blue lipstick on you? Oh well.. better go, too late to change it. OW MY TOE STUPID CHAIR.

    I get ready at 4:30 in the morning, can you tell?

    1. Ahahaa this is so accurate. Don’t forget “ugh mascara on my nose and upper lid AGAIN” followed by lots of blasphemy. I can totally relate to the “I should wear more bright colours” thing. Also I don’t know how you do it, I’m still in solid REM sleep at 4.30am. xx

          1. Buzzfeeds best video is the new puppy one, if you haven’t seen it you should check it out. They partnered with a dog food company, and it’s 100% accurate of getting your first puppy lol

  2. This was funny to read really. I don’t use make up, but I can definitely relate. I once read on a blog on thoughts she had while in the toilet. Literally “farting” ??

    You can try out the cat whiskers thing and tell us how well it was received ??

  3. This is a very relatable list! My biggest thought is – my eyes are completely different shape – as I draw on eyeliner and – why do I struggle to find my actual lip line!? x

  4. haha totally true and always #9 for me! I really try hard to finish the products I have but sometimes I tend to buy new ones and forget about the old lol

  5. Oh this is so funny! I love the eyebrow one. Never do I ever finish a product before buying a new one, I’m a hoarder and as soon as I hit pan on anything I get all OCD and need a new one X

  6. 9nth one is so me. Hahaha, when I look at my collection I’m like I would never use this up, but I should stop buying makeup for real. I don’t think it will ever happen. xx

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