5 Benefits of Exercise from a Certified Couch Potato

Certified couch potato – that would probably be on my tombstone if I died tomorrow. All jokes aside, I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Given the choice, I will quite happily sit on my arse for extended periods of time. I am happy to say that I am less sedentary now than I used to be, but if you told any of my friends that I enjoy exercise, they’d give you a quizzical look and ask if you were talking about the same person. I started exercising semi regularly around one and a half years ago, and I can honestly say that I now get why people get into fitness as much as they do. I can’t promise that I’ll ever be a gym bunny, but I get the appeal. I have definitely noticed changes for the better since I started. If you’re like me and don’t really enjoy exercising but know you should be doing more, this one’s for you.

I have more energy.

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I don’t get tired as easily, and I find myself more able to cope with early starts and late nights, or just plain lack of sleep. I’ve been running back and forth for a lot of commitments recently and if I hadn’t been working out as I have been, I don’t think I would have been able to cope – with both the physical demands and the mental stress. I certainly didn’t realise this one until I found myself in certain situations where I needed that extra energy to power through.

Exercise is a great way to manage my anxious energy.

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I have a LOT of nervous energy. I am an over-worrier and could probably win an Olympic gold with no training whatsoever if irrational worrying were a sport. High intensity workouts and long cardio sessions are my favourite stress busters when it comes to exercise – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of all that anxious energy fuelling your workout when you’re soaked in sweat and your thighs are on fire.

It’s a great social thing to do.

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I love that I go to workout classes with my friend. We moan about how we’re not in the mood for exercise and then make faces at each other throughout the class when the instructor’s not looking. Even if you do workouts by yourself in the gym, it’s a great place to get chatting to people about quite literally, anything.

When it gets hard, I push harder.

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Probably one of the first (and most important) things you just have to learn when you start working out, and in life. It’s tough the first few times. Your body is screaming at you to stop, your pulse is racing so hard that you feel like your heart might come flying out of your chest, and all this pain frustrates you. It gets to you. But the more you push yourself, the more you take pleasure in the challenge and discomfort. This transfers into your daily life, where you may find yourself sticking with something when you can’t get it, rather than giving up. Tip – if you’re innately competitive like me, go for group workout classes. There’s something about everyone else being able to push through when you’re struggling – it’s a great motivator.

More confidence – in and out, side to side, up and down.

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After a workout, I feel like Beyonce – especially if it’s been an extra tough one. I strut in front of my mirror and play with my belly rolls like there’s no tomorrow. It’s been proven multiple times, exercise boosts your confidence. Your confidence with your body image, your confidence in your strength, your confidence in the bedroom, your confidence in the way you carry yourself, and your confidence in pretty much all areas of your life. Fortunately, confidence is a pretty contagious thing. Take advantage of that.

Over to you. Whether you’re a regular at the gym, or you just need that extra kick to get you working out, I’d love to hear from you. What gets you motivated when you’re struggling, and how has exercise benefited you in daily life? Tell me all about it in the comments – you go girl.

– J

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8 Comments on “5 Benefits of Exercise from a Certified Couch Potato”

  1. Exercise is one of my favourite releases when I’m feeling anxious. I feel more light-weight after, almost as though the anxiety has physically lifted. And it does really help with energy. Maybe not as quickly as coffee, but definitely as a longer fix overtime. x

  2. It’s so true. It’s tempting to say “I don’t have any energy today so I won’t go”, but once you get going it actually makes you feel better. This is why I really shouldn’t do it too late – like I did last night – because then it keeps me awake for half the night 🙂
    Glad it’s working for you – keep it up XX

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