5 Flaws That I Love About Myself

I was singing that John Legend song to myself whilst I typed this title. You know, that one about perfect imperfections. Despite the fact that the music video to “All Of Me” looks like soft porn (go on, tell me it doesn’t), John has a point. Loving someone is all about loving the package deal that they come with, and how can we possibly be able to do that if we don’t learn to love our own package deal first? I’m all about that self-love and nothing makes me happier than meeting people who appreciate others because of their flaws, rather than despite them.

Minor digression – can we still apply the “flaw” label to these qualities if we love someone because of them? That’s a post for another day – stay tuned!

Without further ado, here are five of my favourite flaws.

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I just can’t do it. No matter what I try – instrumental, ambient, jazz, lyrics in another language, you name it – I just can’t focus on my work. It’s like trying to talk to one person whilst constantly being interrupted by another.

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This is probably the reason I didn’t experiment with eyeliner pens and gel liner until fairly late. Makeup tends to show up much more prominently on one lid than the other, and it can be frustrating to get it looking even on both eyes. Nevertheless, I’ve grown to love them – it’s like a little secret that nobody knows about until they look at me closely enough, and it’s the little things that make me… well, me.

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I’m one of those people who tend to harbour grudges for a while if someone has wronged me in any way – lied to me, wrongly accused me, undermined me on a regular basis – you name it. But guess what? I’m learning to use those bitter feelings to my advantage. I’m learning to stand up for myself and constantly push forwards rather than allowing others to fuel the negativity. There just isn’t enough time to stay hateful, I only have one life and I intend to fill as large a proportion of it as I can with love and positivity. And glittery unicorns and rainbows (shush, I know they don’t exist. Unicorns and rainbows are matte, duh).

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This applies to almost all aspects of my life. Physically, emotionally, etc. I have often been hurt by things people say, when they barely realise the implications of the things that come out of their mouths. I have also come to realise that this is an invaluable strength of mine. I intuitively notice things that most people don’t, whether in daily life, music, art, or literature. Being able to do this makes me a better listener, and I like that about myself. To any of you who have been called sensitive in a fit of rage – smile kindly and say thank you. Don’t let anyone tell you that being sensitive is a bad thing.

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The bottom line is I didn’t want to be that kid who had glasses AND braces. So I put it off for as long as I could, and one day I just decided to embrace it. Bunny nerd girl with glasses. It’s worked for me so far.

What are some of your own favourite flaws? I’d love to hear what you think of categorising flaws as a concept in itself. Let me know in the comments! You go girl.

– J

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  1. This is such a lovely post! My two front teeth stick out – well I have an underbite which stops my jaw from looking more defined, but it gives me a unique look so it is something that I have learnt to accept.
    I am ok with flaws as a concept because although one person’s ‘flaw’ can be another person’s ‘advantage’, I think it is a part of life to realise and accept that not everyone will like everything about you. It is up to us in this society, to accept what others may not. xx

  2. Encouraging & inspiring post. The flaw that I’ve learned to love is my height…..I am ridiculously small and most of my 10 year old daughters are taller than me! As I’ve got older I’ve learners to accept it & be happy with how I am ??

    1. Haha I’m petite too! It’s just something I’ve learned to accept ever since I found out that “regular” tailored trousers just swamp me and “short” ones fit me perfectly… glad you enjoyed reading! xx <3

  3. Girl I’m sensitive too I can relate so well with what you said about that. Its tough sometimes but its also something I’ve learned to love about myself. Enjoyed reading this post girl so happy you’re writing something like this xoxo

  4. I love that you have posted about and are embracing your flaws! I like the images that go along with them – very cool. I too can hold a grudge sometimes and not be very forgiving easily. Some of my flaws that spring to mind are not being good in the mornings, the fact I bite my nails and that I over think things, well everything!!

    1. Oh I’m a serial nail biter. I went through a phase of putting clear nail varnish on them to stop the gnawing, but I soon discovered that cats don’t like the smell of the stuff and didn’t let me pet them 🙁 Conclusion: I’d rather have kitty love than pretty nails 😀 x

  5. Very nice post! Everyone has flaws and we should learn to accept that and love someone for who they are and their beautiful soul. I def cant work with music in the background haha and I’m a very sensitive person as well.

  6. This is a beautifully honest post! We all have flaws that we should be proud of. The one flaw i like about myself is the spider veins on my eye lids, they create really cool looking patterns.

  7. Aw I love this post and the fact that you’ve chosen to have a positive attitude about these things! I have the exact same problem with my eyes ? My gel eyeliner also marks one eyelid! I can relate to the music one too, it doesn’t feel right to not have music playing!

  8. Brilliant post, J and you’re getting amazing feedback for it which is so well deserved. As I always suspected, you’re just a fab blogger who also writes about beauty!
    Flaws are a tough one. I grew up with almost zero self esteem. Learning to “love ” my “flaws” was a long and arduous journey which has not entirely been completed. And 8 can say that the ‘love’ I’ve cultivated for my ‘flaws’ is 90% fake. As in, I’ve convinced myself that I should love them so in a way, I do but in another profoundly buried into the subconscious way, I do not.
    The term “flaws” , as politically incorrect as it may be in today’s “you can’t say anything negative or even true as you may ,god forbid, offend someone and then they’ll definitely drop dead from ‘being-offended-itis’ so just be wishy washy about everything so we’re all always on an even keel constantly” society, is a term which will always be used whether aloud or in our heads,whether people like it or not. Whether it’s mean to say it or not . We all have flaws. Some we acknowledge, some we don’t. Some are physical and universally disliked, some are intangible and even harder to change. Loving those flaws means you do acknowledge them and choose to embrace them. It doesn’t mean others won’t notice them and sometimes point them out that, can take you back to the drawing board sometimes. Character flaws are often the product of physical ones (not always ) and they can cause us to be bitter and hateful and it’s a vicious cycle.
    The only way flaws wouldn’t exist is if we were all blind or all looked alike.
    Even then I’m not sure.
    It’s human to look for flaws in our perpetual search for our own version of perfection. We can choose to accept them, change them, ignore them. Accepting them honestly is a huge step.
    Your post is filled to the brim with honesty and I love it. We all need to find our way and if we can climb the obstacle that is our Issues With Ourselves, we’d all have all have a much smoother road ahead.

    1. As always Maria, you’re spot on here. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but accepting your own flaws is a lot easier said than done. There are always days when you aren’t feeling like yourself, and flaws are all you can see for miles and miles – in both others and yourself. I have plenty more flaws that I haven’t accepted, or even come close to acknowledging. And that’s okay. I just believe that growth is something that never stops, and discovering those flaws is a huge part of that. Thanks for leaving yet another delightful comment, hope you’ve been well! <3 xx

      1. I agree with you there, love. You actually brought up something that literally everyone on Earth thinks about at least once a day and strives to achieve – growth.
        Always look forward to your posts. ?
        I’m good, always busy and the days just whiz by!

  9. I love how positive this post is – absolutely fabulous. We should definitely try to love our flaws more and think about what they are. I love this post – such a wonderful idea xx

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