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Mmm, pancakes. I can confidently say that I ate more pancakes in December 2019 than I typically eat in a year. Making pancakes with someone you love, or having them make you pancakes whilst you stare hangrily at the pancake taking shape – this has to be the most heartwarming (and belly-warming) experience ever. Not to mention all that extra practice perfecting the ultimate pancake.

And yes, I am that hangry pancake ogler, before you ask.

Fun fact – the first time I made pancakes, they came out looking liked fried eggs. The second time, they looked like discoloured silicone heatproof mats. I got better with a bit of practice, thankfully. I love pancakes. In fact, I just love my food full stop. However, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll also know that I can be incredibly lazy efficient and impatient when it comes to cooking. I want tasty results that require as little time and effort as possible. And I will do anything to discover hacks and ways of achieving these glorious results that could fool the most discerning eaters into thinking I slaved away for hours in the kitchen.

And with that in mind, I present to you a list of my favourite pancake fillings – both sweet and savoury. The best part – you can make them in 5 minutes. In fact, make that 5 minutes maximum. Let’s get pancaking!

Banana and cinnamon

banana and cinnamon pancake filling recipe - Chop up 1 banana roughly into a microwave-safe bowl. Add 1 tbsp butter + a sprinkle of cinnamon powder + a drizzle of golden syrup. Microwave for around 3 mins (or until desired mushiness is achieved).

See, there’s banana – not so unhealthy, is it? This one works best if you have bananas that are very ripe and need to be eaten, like, yesterday. The extra sugar alcohols in them really add to the overall flavour, and they’re already soft to start with. I tried this with mixed spice seasoning once and it tasted great too.

White chocolate and coffee

white chocolate and coffee pancake filling - Break up 30 g white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Add 2 tbsp butter + 1 tbsp instant coffee granules + 2 tbsp sugar + a dash of vanilla extract + a pinch of salt. Microwave at 10-second intervals for 2 mins, or until no lumps remain. Stir vigorously after every 10-second interval.

I initially made this as a drizzle for cake, but I think it would go wonderfully with pancakes too. You wouldn’t believe how accomplished I felt when I tried this and it turned out delicious. I love the smell of coffee and this made the kitchen smell divine. Feel free to use any chocolate you like – dark chocolate could be great if you like your chocolate/coffee combo on the bitter side, but I think white chocolate and coffee are a great pairing. Don’t be tempted to leave it cooking in the microwave non-stop for the whole duration, the overheating and the steam in your microwave will make the chocolate seize and leave you with a lumpy drizzle.

If you’re feeling it, add other flavoured extracts to jazz it up – I’d probably try orange extract the next time I make this. Drizzle all over your pancakes and add raspberries or fresh fruit of your choice. Or you can do what I did at the time, and drown your cake/pancake in this drizzle and stuff your face with it immediately.

Pesto, bacon and cheese

pesto, bacon and cheese pancake filling - Fry diced bacon (or bacon lardons) in a frying pan on high heat until cooked through. Take your pan off the heat and stir in the pesto and cheese until your cheese melts. Transfer this onto your pancake. Season with freshly ground black pepper and enjoy.

I think cheese is the stuff of gods. You can use any type of cheese for this, go as posh or as basic as you like. Personally, I’m partial to good old cheddar and mozzarella, but some grated parmesan to go on top of it all would truly take it up a notch. Oh, and I’m a green pesto girl all the way.

Balsamic strawberries and basil

Balsamic strawberries & basil - pancake fillings - Hull and chop up strawberries and add them to a saucepan. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar/glaze + sugar to the saucepan. (1 tbsp sugar to 200 g strawberries) Cook on medium heat whilst stirring continuously, until the strawberries have released their juices and become soft and mushy. Season with basil to taste and stir through the mixture. Pour this over your pancakes. Season with black pepper for an added kick.

This one is probably the poshest one on the list, but it’s just as tasty and easy to make as the others. If you’re not a fan of basil, try other herbs and spices like rosemary or ginger for a sharpness to complement the sweetness of the strawberries. I find fruit and herb combinations fascinating and definitely plan to experiment more with them this year.

Butter and sugar

Butter and sugar - pancake fillings - Spread salted butter all over your pancake. Add a sprinkle of sugar. That's it.

This was my favourite as a child, and still is. I never got tired of it, and would always have the butter and sugar ready as soon as the pancakes hit the table. Sometimes simplicity really is best. Swap out the sugar for golden syrup, honey or a sugar alternative if that’s what you prefer. Highly recommend brown sugar or the dark muscovado stuff. Salted butter works best, a pinch of salt if you’re using unsalted will do the trick.

And voila, plans sorted for this weekend! Have you tried any of these pancake toppers/fillings? Share your favourite in the comments, ideas are always welcome. You go girl.

– J

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Disclaimer: Make at your own peril. J accepts no responsibility whatsoever if she happens to completely, shamelessly fudge up (get it) your New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthily and lose weight with these pancake toppers/fillings. Cue evil chuckle. All images used in this post were obtained from Pixabay and edited on Canva for thenellybean.

4 Comments on “5-Minute Pancake Fillings”

  1. That white chocolate and coffee idea made my eyes bulge.

    I love making pancakes and honestly do too little of it as an adult. My aunt use to wake me up early on Saturdays for a pancake breakfast. We’d make blueberry pancakes.

    Pancakes really do warm me up all over. My heart, my stomach, and it eases my mind. Thanks for bringing them up! I’m gonna grab some ingredients and make it this weekend!

    My new years resolution is to savor the day. Get back to the things that make me happy. You just brought up a big warm memory for me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory, blueberry pancakes are one of my favourites! I always find myself ordering them with bacon when I go out for brunch.

      You go savour the day gal, let me know how the white chocolate/coffee one turns out if you do it this weekend! x

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