5 Reasons To Wear Highlighter

You know, I never used to be a highlighter person. If anything, I’d always lean towards matte highlighters because I thought shimmery ones would look too harsh in daily life. But no! I’ve currently been experimenting with shimmery highlighters, and yes – some of the chunkier/glittery ones can look pretty dreadful. When done correctly, they give you this incredible sheen that comes second to none. I felt like I’d stumbled on a gold mine (literally). Here are my top 5 reasons to rock that highlighter this summer, whether you’re trying it for the first time or looking for yet another one to add to your collection.

  • Make that cheekbone pop.

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Image source: glamradar.com

Grabbing your highlighter stick and smushing it all over the top of your cheekbone – probably one of the finer things in life. This lifts your whole face and gives instant dimension to your features. Not to mention, it looks great in sunlight! Add a dash of it down the bridge of your nose for some extra va-va-voom. Be that girl who walks into the room and turns heads with her blinding bone structure.

  • You look like you get 8 hours of beauty sleep. Every night.

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The tiniest dab to the inner corners of your eyes can perk you up instantly. The beauty equivalent of an espresso. Why not make it a double espresso? Mix a little into your under-eye concealer or a bit of foundation and apply to the under-eye area, blending as you go. Set with a translucent setting powder or pressed powder if you’ve overdone the shimmer in the process.

  • Give your skin that refreshed, healthy shine.

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Not the oily, greasy kind of shine. The shine that comes from a great workout in the sun, or frolicking in the sea – yes, you guessed it – under the sun. Blend well with some bronzer to get that subtle, sun-kissed glow that instantly freshens up a dull complexion. Did I say “sun” too many times?

  • Plump that pucker.

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Image source: top5beauty.co.uk

Apply a touch of highlighter to your cupid’s bow, and voila! Plumped, dewy lips. I find that this works best with a satin-finish lipstick or a lip gloss. If you’re out and about and left the highlighter at home, a touch of Vaseline has a similar effect.

  • Because highlighter is just so damn pretty.

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Image source: toofaced.com

I mean, just look at it. God damn it, I want them all.

I’d love to hear your highlighter stories in the comments, or if you’ve tried any new ones recently and loved/hated them! You go girl.

– J

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  1. I agree with everything on this list, especially that they look so pretty! I’m always tempted to buy highlighters because of the packaging.

  2. This is so helpful! I recently bought some Iconic London Iluminator and absolutely love it but have no idea where I should be applying it and how! Will give this a go tomorrow morning! xx

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