A Hand-Picked Selection of My Favourite Pet Peeves

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When I say favourite, I mean the most infuriating, the pettiest and the peeviest (?) of them all – and my favourite to talk about. Everyone has pet peeves, and you’d be a saint if little things didn’t bother you from time to time (if you are one of these people, please tell me your ways). Here’s a list of my top pet peeves that seem to have a way of ruffling my feathers every time.

  • People who get on the train at rush hour, and stop RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOORS.

Some people do this even if the carriage is practically empty. Door lurkers, please explain.

  • Parents who prize obedience in children.

Why is unquestioning obedience seen as such an achievement? Is it because this a trait that will truly help them to navigate adult life independently? Or is it because it makes the parent look (and feel) like they have everything under control? If boundaries aren’t pushed, how does the learning happen? If the learning doesn’t happen, how does the child grow and develop? When these obedient children grow up, do we want them to stay obedient as adults? The word “pushover” comes to mind. If you want obedience, buy an Amazon Alexa device.

  • People who pretend to be experts on a topic that they clearly know nothing about.

One of those scenarios that get very embarrassing very quickly for said people. Calling them out on their shit is always the cherry on top.

  • Guilt tripping.

I’m not sure if guilt trippers realise how easy it is to sniff out their guilt tripping ways from a mile away? If anything, it completely puts me off what they’re trying to get me to do, no matter how much it may be “for my own good” or “what so-and-so would have wanted”.

  • Being unnecessarily rude or tactless under the pretence of “honest, open communication”.

Key word being “unnecessarily”. There is ALWAYS a way to put your point across respectfully and tactfully, no matter how much the other person may not want to hear it. If you’re going to be an asshole, at least have the guts to own up to it. Don’t hide behind the “I’m only telling you this because I’m being honest with you”.

  • Championing a lifestyle or way of doing things without looking for evidence to understand why/how it is actually beneficial.

Everyone knows at least one person who has said “I read about XYZ online, so it must be true!” many a time. Don’t do it. Get your info from more than one source. If all your sources say different things about XYZ or can’t seem to offer any explanation as to how/why XYZ is beneficial, you might want to start taking heed of those red flags popping up all over the place.

  • Being racist/homophobic.

I don’t really need to say much about this. In this day and age, racism and homophobia should be so insignificant that they only exist in history books. “Coming out” shouldn’t have to be a big hurdle associated with the potential to ruin families and relationships. Ethnic minorities shouldn’t feel this need to “stick together and unite”. There shouldn’t be anything to unite against.

  • People who loudly interrupt when you’re still talking.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if the conversation doesn’t revolve around you for two seconds.

  • Strangers coming up to me and starting a conversation by asking me whether I’m from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, or any East Asian country they can name. Just because I look the way I do.

This gives me all kinds of discomfort. It’s almost as if race is the biggest thing that defines a person and their character is irrelevant.

  • “I’ve always been this way, and you knew this from day one.”

Typically seen in folk who have no intention of improving themselves and get insecure when challenged about it, thus throwing the blame at you like a hot coal. If you ask me, a growth mindset is always healthy.

  • People who like their own social media posts.

This is a little like telling a joke, then being the first to laugh at it to make sure everyone else does.

  • Playing along when I suggest making plans, and then never actually contributing any suggestions or committing to any dates/times.

I promise I won’t be offended if you just tell me you would rather not hang out. What does offend me though, is wasting my time when I could have spent it doing something much more productive – literally anything else.

  • Explosive sneezing with no attempt to cover your nose or mouth.

Germophobe here – thank all those microbiology lectures! If you don’t have tissues, at least try to cover your germ-blasting orifices with your hands.

  • When people get their phones out to film at the scene of an accident rather than helping those involved.

Please don’t do this if you happen to be at the scene of an accident. The only reason you should be getting your phone out immediately is to call emergency services. It is not a spectacle to be broadcast for your social benefit.

I promise I’m otherwise a generally happy, cheerful person! Honest! Do any of these things bother you too? Tell me about it. No, literally – I’d love to hear it in the comments below. Until next time.

– J

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2 Comments on “A Hand-Picked Selection of My Favourite Pet Peeves”

  1. There’s one or two I’m guilty of, but otherwise I was agreeing to every point. When I was abroad last year, a man got in the pool and just started sneezing everywhere, didn’t think to cover his mouth or move away from the water. It’s disgusting! I always try to carry hand sanitiser and tissues wherever I go.
    There’s so many things that irritate me about trains. The people who quickly get up and form a queue to get off while the train is near the station, to then take forever to actually get off the train. The people who get off a train and then just stand there without walking, and the ones who sit next to you and then take up your seating area. And I hate when parents get on a train that’s about to leave in a minute, and then whinge to their kids about not getting seats. Okay rant over. xx

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