Oh hello there, and thank you for stopping by. First and foremost, welcome. Please, have a seat and get comfy. Offering you a virtual cup of tea/coffee/your favourite beverage.

Nobody is 100% introverted or extroverted. Or 100% anything. (3).png

As I was saying, welcome to my little portion of the internet. thenellybean is a blog dedicated to all things beauty and self-love, with a huge dollop of philosophy and the occasional sprinkle of psychology.  In other words, a brief insight into the workings of my brain – which you will soon discover, don’t often make sense. But I rather like that. I’m also a curious one and many of my posts revolve around the many burgeoning questions I have about the world.


Now, about the beauty aspect of my blog. I’ve always been a bit of a closet (until now) beauty enthusiast. I was that kid who was going up to beauty counters at the shopping mall and asking if I could have a makeover. Yup, makeup is a huge passion of mine. Though, my blog doesn’t tend to have a heavy focus on products, which is something that reflects me as a person – I believe that it doesn’t have to be all about that consumer culture of getting your hands on the latest contour kit that everyone else is raving about this time. I’m all about making the most of what you have, whether through creativity or discovering tips and tricks that work for you.

Most of all, beauty is something that cannot be faked. Coming from someone who would happily blab about makeup to anyone who listens, I think that a genuine smile that reaches the eyes is the most precious beauty product you will ever own.

Please feel free to share any stories, opinions or anecdotes that come to mind whilst you’re browsing through – I love a good chit chat. Drop me a message using the contact form above if you have any questions. Most of all – have a great time. You go girl.

– J

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