Beauty Blunders: Episode 9

Welcome back to the ninth episode of Beauty Blunders, a series dedicated to guest bloggers and of course, you! Presenting to you a little compilation of our embarrassing beauty mishaps that made us cringe at the time, but have made us laugh ever since. We have the wonderful Rachael from Werifesteria on Beauty Blunders today. She blogs about life, relationships and self-care – take my word for it, she’s got a whole lot of quality reading on her site. She kindly shared her blunder with me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one – I was giggling all the way through. Please check her out.

A good friend of mine was getting married, and so I splurged on a new dress especially for the event.  The dress was gorgeous, a soft apricot, lots of pleats, with two long ribbons that crossed over behind my neck and then wrapped around my waist.  Now, I’m not particularly blessed in the bust department, and as it was practically backless, I opted for those stick on chicken fillets to help give me some much needed shape.  I strapped on my heels, took a final glance in the mirror and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the result. 


After the ceremony, and a glass or two of bubbly, my girl friend and I strutted out onto the dance floor.  I looked good, I felt good and I’d even caught the eye of a rather striking friend of the groom.  My friend, grabbed me around my waist and span me, once, then twice.  The third time she span me though, something started to slip. I could feel it go, that little fillet of support was making a bid for freedom. 


I lost my footing, tripped, caught myself but it was too late for the chicken fillet, for it was having its own moment on the dance floor.  It slid to a halt right in front of the rather striking friend of the groom.  Needless to say it was not exactly the meet cute I’d been hoping for.

I’ll confess – I laughed my ass off whilst reading this. Rachael, I feel for you but oh boy, the giggles. I think I’ll stick to chicken fillets only from now on (pun intended). Shame the striking friend of the groom didn’t take the opportunity to strike up a conversation – that would have been a hell of a story!

Get To Know: Rachael 

  • I never remember where I’ve put my keys, or my credit cards. It drives everyone I know crazy.  I have no idea why, but these things never seem to make it back where they belong
  • I once spent two hours making up a story and recording it on film to make a friend laugh while we walked around Kings Canyon. She did not laugh, well, not at the time.  She does now though, every time she plays it to someone.  Mental note to self, if you are going to humiliate yourself on camera, always keep the footage.
  • I moved to Amsterdam for 6 months, with my husband (not the striking friend of the groom funnily enough!) and kids as an experiment. 18 months later we just bought a house and are now trying to work out how to explain to our families why we are not coming back.
  • I once went out on a date with a boy who said he loved skydiving. I said I’d always wanted to jump out of a plane, oh the things we say on dates.  Two days later he’d booked me in.  We never went out on a second date but three weeks later I did jump out of that plane.
  • It’s possible I may be turning into a crazy plant lady. I have over a hundred plants in my house.  All I have to say, is thank goodness I’m allergic to cats!

Connect With Rachael:

Twitter:  @werifesteria_s

Instagram: @werifesteria_s

Many thanks to Rachael for participating in Beauty Blunders. If you’re reading this and fancy being featured, feel free to get in touch via email using the contact form above, or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll take it from there! Until next week for the next Beauty Blunder. You go girl.

– J

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