Beauty Blunders: Episode 5

Welcome back to the fifth episode of Beauty Blunders, a series dedicated to guest bloggers and of course, you! Presenting to you a little compilation of our embarrassing beauty mishaps that made us cringe at the time, but have made us laugh ever since. Please give the fabulous Kerry from Kerry, Life And Loves a warm welcome. She’s a lovely UK-based blogger and a mama to two lovely boys, and she blogs about exactly that – Kerry, life and loves. She’s a seriously stylish lady who’s capable of some gorgeous product photography, and I absolutely love reading about what she gets up to. Please check her out (links below) and here is her beauty blunder.

I think one of my most memorable was the time I was 18 and on a double date. My friend and I had got a little tipsy, and as girls do, popped into the toilets to touch up our make up and gossip about the boys we were out with. The place we were in for our date had low level lighting, and mirrors down the middle of where the sinks were, but they were quite small and set far back. My friend had brought a make up bag full of bronzers, lipsticks etc, so I asked to borrow her bronzer. She left me to it and went back out to the bar.  Now, my friend was a darker skin tone than me, and back in the late 80’s early 90’s it was all about the shimmery glow! So, her Sun Shimmer bronzer was applied by me with great, drunken enthusiasm and gusto. I really wanted to “warm my complexion up”  With a quick glance in the mirror, a renewed confidence in my super model bronzed skin, I flicked my heavily sprayed hair over my shoulder and strode out the door. Easing myself into the booth we were sitting at, the boys both looked at me and their eyes widened. I must be looking even better than I thought! My friend came back from the bar with our drinks, and almost spat her bacardi and coke out. She grabbed my arm, telling me I was needed to help carry the drinks back, and shoved her compact mirror in my face. I looked, and saw that I literally had the darkest, glittery-est brown sludgey smudges on my cheeks and forehead that you can imagine. I looked a mess. The fall out glitter from the cheap bronzer was all over the rest of my face, making me look like a disco ball. I was so mortified that I made my excuses and got out of there. 

My friend even now, likes to remind me of the fact that for months afterwards, we were known as The Powder Posse. Needless to say I never went on a second date……

Bronzer is a tough one – I’m heavy handed enough as it is when sober! Nevertheless, those boys just couldn’t handle Kerry’s bronzing game, could they?

18-year-old Kerry with tousled hair, an LBD and some serious sass.


Get To Know: Kerry

  • I lived in a car for three weeks while travelling Australia. Literally, slept, ate, lived in that blooming car!
  • I have never even stepped into a Nando’s let alone eaten in one
  • Iv had many jobs, including being a “shot girl” in nightclubs (getting people to buy trays of shots)
  • I love Justin Bieber. There. I said it.
  • My husband once dyed my hair when I was asleep. The colour was called Aztec Copper. Your mind can tell you how that looked……..

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Many thanks to Kerry for participating in Beauty Blunders. If you’re reading this and fancy being featured, feel free to get in touch via email using the contact form above, or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll take it from there! Until next week for the next Beauty Blunder. You go girl.

– J

Disclaimer: The photograph used in this post was kindly provided by Kerry. The featured image was designed on by J, exclusively for

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