Beauty Blunders: Episode 7

Welcome back to the seventh episode of Beauty Blunders, a series dedicated to guest bloggers and of course, you! Presenting to you a little compilation of our embarrassing beauty mishaps that made us cringe at the time, but have made us laugh ever since. We have the fabulous Brittany from Under The Elm Tree today, and her blog is one you’ll want to visit for the lowdown on all things business, interior design and parenting. She’s a pro at all the above and her site is gorgeous too – how does she do it? Please check her out (links below) and without further ado, here is her beauty blunder.

In eighth grade I had just began to be allowed to wear make-up, but still wasn’t permitted to color my hair. I desperately wanted blonde hair and managed to negotiate with my parents to let me use Sun-in to gradually lighten my hair. By the end of freshman year I was tired of the upkeep that came along with my new hair color (my parents warned me) and decided I was ready to go back to my natural color.


My older sister went shopping with me to find the right dye, because big sister knows best, of course. She convinced me to get a dark auburn color. I had no idea what this was, she reassured me the color would be fine. “It’s brown with red highlights” she said. Um, not quite.  My blonde hair soaked up the dye with the thirst of a hiker trapped waterless in the desert. My hair was now a dark, dark purple. I am extremely fair skinned, so it was not flattering. The bright side was that this was the weekend, so there was time to fix it before school started…we thought.


Back at the drug store again, this time we were looking for hair dye stripper. Why didn’t we go to a salon? I’m pretty sure this was my parent’s way of punishing me for my poor decisions. We applied the hair dye stripper with hope. I envisioned being right back where we started with me blonde hair, but wrong again. My hair had now become a horrid blend of bleach blonde, red, orange and dark purple. School was the next day and I assured my parents they would have to drag me there, as I wasn’t showing up in this condition.


My parents, still unwilling to take me to a salon, drove me to the drug store the next day.  This time we selected dark brown (ugh)? I was convinced I needed two boxes of dye because my hair was nearly to my butt and I was sure that one would not be enough. My step-mom assured me I was wrong and one box was fine. We made two errors that trip. One was selecting dark brown for my poor bleached, nutrient deprived tresses, and the other was getting just one box. Once applied, the dark brown dye transformed my hair to an Elvira shade of black with peek-a-boos of bleach blond, purple, orange and red.


My parents made me go to school. I heard it all. Elvira, gothic, etc. My good friend upon seeing me asked “What did you do?.” On the plus side, it faded quickly  and none of my high school friends remember this unfortunate episode. I no longer experiment with my hair at home, that is a job for the professionals!

I’m already complaining when my dye job ends up a smidge on the brassy orange side, I honestly don’t know how I’d cope if that had happened to me. Brittany, you’re a champ.

Get To Know: Brittany

  • I went to a K-8 school with a total of 52 kids.
  • I lived on the outskirts of a town with a true population of 2 people.
  • I am a classically trained vocalist, but country music is my jam!
  • I am married to the best man in the world, with the sweetest little boy and three fur-babies.
  • I like my long commute to work because I can belt out my favorite songs at the top of my lungs without judgement.

Connect with Brittany:


Instagram: undertheelmtreeblog


Many thanks to Brittany for participating in Beauty Blunders. If you’re reading this and fancy being featured, feel free to get in touch via email using the contact form above, or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll take it from there! Until next week for the next Beauty Blunder. You go girl.

– J

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