Beauty Blunders: Episode 8

Welcome back to the eighth episode of Beauty Blunders, a series dedicated to guest bloggers and of course, you! Presenting to you a little compilation of our embarrassing beauty mishaps that made us cringe at the time, but have made us laugh ever since. Please give a warm welcome to Breanna from Lifestyled by Bre today. She’s a brainy lady who’s passionate about helping those with mental health issues and she blogs about lifestyle, travel and beauty – her photography is gorgeous too. Here is her beauty blunder:

I was on the hunt for a liquid matte lipstick at Ulta and was trying on different shades to see how they fit with my skin tone. I had been doing swatches on my hand, but there was one I really like and decided to put on my lips with one of their disposable doe foot applicators. Well, when I went to go take it off with the water and tissues they supply, I accidentally picked up the bottle that has rubbing alcohol in it and sprayed that on the tissue and rubbed it on my lips. They burned for hours afterwards and completely dried out. Needless-to-say, I always check the bottles now to make sure I grab the one with water in it.
I absolutely adore matte lipsticks, but this sounds painful. Though, probably not unlikely if I’m tired/not thinking straight, rubbing alcohol and water do look horribly similar…

Get To Know: Breanna

  • I’m a 4th year college student studying Psychology and Neuroscience
  • I’m no beauty expert by any means, but I do my research and love all things beauty related
  • I’ve been blogging here and there for several years now, but this past summer I really decided to commit to it and rebranded completely
  • I love dogs and I’m especially obsessed with french bulldogs
  • Not many people know this because they are mostly hidden, but I have three tattoos and they all have special meaning to me

Connect with Breanna

Blog: (I’m desperately doing research on what sites to host my blog on myself right now, it’s in the works)
Instagram: @lifestyledbybre

Many thanks to Breanna for participating in Beauty Blunders. If you’re reading this and fancy being featured, feel free to get in touch via email using the contact form above, or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll take it from there! Until next week for the next Beauty Blunder. You go girl.

– J

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J’s Picks:

NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know how much I adore this range. Long wearing and feels relatively comfortable on the lips after several hours. Go get yourself one if you haven’t already.
Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Trendsetter. Probably one of the most raved about liquid lippies on the market, just look at that shade range. Like the Lip Lingerie, I don’t think there is one that I don’t actively love.
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Noble. Insane shade range, and there are some fantastic reviews out there.
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Screen Siren. CT is known for her top quality products and this shade of red looks like it would flatter all sorts of skin tones. Christmas treat, anyone? Don’t mind if I do.

21 Comments on “Beauty Blunders: Episode 8”

  1. ahh i really wanna try the huda beauty liquid lipsticks!! i loove the KVD ones the formula is great

  2. Haha what a nightmare! This series is really cute ?
    Poor Bre, from trying a new loopy for luscious lips, to poorly dried out lips…. ?
    We learn. We move on ?

  3. Is it bad that this made me laugh? Sounds like something I might do. Beauty blunders are inevitable and I hate them. I’m still embarrassed by some of mine.

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