Beauty Salon Review: Polished Dulwich

I’m a total beauty salon virgin. Like, the kind who picks at her nails when she’s thinking and has had blackheads for a LONG time (fun fact for you guys, the black stuff in blackheads isn’t dirt, it’s oxidised melanin). You can imagine my surprise when I was offered the opportunity to review Polished, a lovely little salon in Dulwich, South London.

Polished calls itself an elegant beauty salon offering professional treatments for the discerning client who loves a little bit of luxe in her (or his) life. I certainly got that vibe when I walked in; the decor is adorable and oozes a cutesy modern Victorian feel (though I’m not very sure what’s going on with the panties hanging from the tree). I was greeted by Maria, my therapist for the day. She was warm and welcoming, and made me feel right at home especially when I told her it was my first time at a beauty salon.

I was treated to a Polished Signature Facial, which included cleansing and toning, exfoliation, a lymphatic drainage face massage and a mask suited to my specific skin type. The room was an odd hybrid of clinical and a little girl’s bedroom (maybe it was the fluffy pink blankets) but the lights were dimmed and there was relaxing piano music, so I was more than happy. Maria got me started with some cleansing and a gentle face massage whilst we chatted about life and aspirations. I was so relaxed and enjoying the much-needed therapy, it was hardly surprising when I caught myself dozing off halfway through.

Not for long though, steaming was next up on the agenda. This was probably due to my inexperience with facials but the steam caught me off guard with how hot and aggressive it was (it’s steam, duh). I was most likely lying there flinching in a really attractive fashion (sorry Maria!) Nevertheless, it got my crater pores to give way and Maria worked on my blackheads next. Those little guys are stubborn and she managed to do a pretty good job with them. No pain no gain, eh?

I was then treated to a delicious smelling clay mask which gave me equally delicious tingles whilst it worked on my skin – something I absolutely love by the way. Maria gave me more skincare tips for my oily skin and finished off with a hydrating serum on my cheeks and a toner on my problematic nose area. If you’re interested to know, they use Medik-8 products – all top quality stuff. Here’s a photo of everything Maria used on me that day.

I’ll say it, I was bloody happy with the results. My skin looked considerably clearer and it had that oh-so-smooth, non-greasy shine to it. My face also felt cleaner than it had in a long time and I was feeling much more relaxed. Maria did good.

The results – my face honestly felt so clean.

The Signature Facial I received lasted an hour and I would have had to pay £75 for it. Now, I think Polished did a great job with my facial and I’ve found myself making more of an effort with my skincare ever since but their prices are a little high. By all means, if you’re someone who has the money to splurge and enjoys splurging on beauty treatments, go for it. For the rest of us, they have other options too – anything from threading to mani-pedis, tanning, waxing, eyelash extensions – they do it all. We might just have to budget a little.

Many, many thanks to Polished for having me, in particular Maria the therapist and Michelle the salon manager. If I’m ever in the area again, I’ll be sure to drop by – these blackheads aren’t going to steam themselves out. If you’ve been to Polished, I’d love to hear what you think! You go girl.

– J

Disclaimer: All images in this post were photographed and edited by J, exclusively for thenellybean. 

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