Product Review: Benecos Natural Fresh Bronzing Duos in California Nights and Ibiza Nights

These two bad boys have actually steered me towards using blush a little more often in daily life, and I’m really not someone who uses blush very much at all. I tend to do that thing where I put some on, then I blend furiously until it’s pretty much 99% gone. Since I’ve been pushing the boat out and using these recently, I decided to do a review of these two beauties. Let’s get to it.

  • The Brand

If you’re not familiar with Benecos, get familiar with them. They’re a relatively fresh, up-and-coming brand that makes natural, organic products that are BDIH-certified. Their mantra is all about going against that “bland, generic” image that is often attached to natural cosmetics along with a high price tag. They’re a creative brand that strives to keep their products modern and fresh. For you vegans out there, yup, their stuff is vegan too – no animal ingredients or derivatives. Cruelty free too. What’s not to love?

  • Packaging

I was very kindly sent both of their bronzing duos – California Nights and Ibiza Nights.


I have to say that I adore the transparent-all-over packaging. It makes it so easy to see which one is which when you’re deciding which one to use in the mornings. I think it adds a lovely, modern touch too. I do like that the lid goes all the way to 180 degrees, and mind you, it doesn’t fall open easily. Maybe a little tough to open with all the sharp corners when your hands are greasy, but I’d rather that than a bronzed mess all over my dresser. Definitely one for the handbag, ladies.

  • Product

They’re both such beautiful colours. Just look at that. I absolutely adore that flower embossment in the centre.

Let’s start with Ibiza Nights. I was immediately drawn to this one when they came through the mail, thanks to that mauve blush colour. It’s both so rich and so versatile at the same time, though perhaps a little easier to work with for darker skin tones. I tend to reach for this one when I’m looking particularly ill, or if I’ve gone for a very simple eye and lip look that day. The blush and the bronzer have a slight hint of shimmer – very subtle and not at all chunky.  The bronzer in this one is a little too light and orange for my liking as a bronzer, but here’s the other thing I’ve been meaning to tell you – I’ve rather enjoyed using bronzer as a blush recently. I’m not typically one to bronze around the perimeters of my face in that 3-shape when it comes to my own makeup, but I really do like it as a blush. Blend it out well, and it looks so much more natural and less flushed than traditional pink or coral blushes. Warm-toned ladies, please let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought. But back to the Ibiza Nights – I just swirl my brush in and get an even blend of both colours, and apply to my face. It’s pretty handy that they’re next to each other in the same pan, you can customise your brown to pink ratio as much as you like, or you can use one by itself. Definitely, definitely a handbag item.

California Nights consists of a lighter, coral pink blush with a hint of gold shimmer and bizarrely, a cooler, darker brown for the bronzer. I can tell that I’ll be using the blush in this one in the winter when I get pale. The brown in this one works surprisingly well as a contour powder. It’s neither too warm nor too cool, and it looks so natural. It may look shimmery in the pan, but it certainly doesn’t come out that way. Perhaps a more versatile option rather than buying a whole professional contour palette. Again, if you fancy applying both together, you can get as much pink or brown in there as you like and this works great as a bronzer. I’ll admit it – I love that mauve in Ibiza nights but I’ve certainly reached for this one more often – the blush is such a pretty colour and it’s so easy to work with on a daily basis.


In terms of the powder itself, it’s very easy to blend when applied, and stays on for a good amount of time if you’ve applied your primer and foundation underneath. Not patchy at all when it goes on the skin, and I think this has probably helped me resist that over-blending temptation a lot. Can be built up to a more intense colour saturation if you wish, but it’s very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Unless you like those Russian doll cheeks, of course. Disappointingly, there is quite a bit of kickback in the pan even when I’ve been very gentle with the brush, but it isn’t too much of a setback for me. Now that I’ve said that, I just hope it stays compacted in the pan and doesn’t disintegrate two weeks from now.

All in all, two lovely products that have made me want to wear blush more – that in itself surpassed my expectations. You can check them out here if you’re interested in having a look for yourself: California Nights and Ibiza Nights (not affiliate links, y’all). Priced very well too, might I add – £7 ain’t bad for a fully customisable bronzer/blush combo. If you’ve tried these babies or anything else by Benecos, please let me know what you thought in the comments below. I’m actually using one of their mascaras right now and… I won’t spoil it. Review coming soon! You go girl.

– J

Disclaimer: All products were received courtesy of, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. All images were photographed and edited by J, exclusively for thenellybean. No stealing, please.

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  1. Id never heard of this brand, so will do a bit of research on them. I love a new brand. These blushers look so pretty, I enjoy blush that has a couple of colours that blend. Fab review x

  2. I have used the Benecos eyeshadow and find the colours apply really well. Ive used some natural products have had to work the shadow quite a bit into the brush before I’ve got enough to apply a decent colour. REally looking forward to trying this duo. Thank you for the reviewe it has been really helpful in helping me decide which colour to go for x

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