Blogger Collab: 5 Questions with Brooke Clarke

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Introducing the lovely Brooke Clarke, who blogs over at She’s a fully-fledged beauty blogger, and if you’re ever in need of beauty inspiration or something to read that puts a smile on your face, all you have to do is head over to her site and I promise – you’ll be spoilt for choice. She very kindly agreed to do a collab with me today, where we asked each other five beauty questions and had lots of fun answering them together. Without further ado, here are Brooke’s five questions. 

What is one skincare product that you couldn’t live without?

B: I think I would have to go with Pixi Glow Tonic. It’s improved my skin so much!

J: My Skin Advanced Platinum Soothing and Hydrating Jelly Toner. It’s an absolute jackpot for my oily skin which mysteriously dries up at the most inconvenient of times.

What is your go to lipstick shade?

J: I adore browny-pink nudes. My current go-to is called Burnt Caramel, and it actually tastes as good as it sounds!

B: I think it would either be a browny/pink nude or a red.

Are you more of a play it safe type of person, or bigger the better with your makeup?

B: I was always a place it safe sort of person, but recently I’ve been going all out!

J: Definitely a play it safe person, though I’ve been more adventurous with makeup since starting my blog. 

What product do you have more of in your collection?

J: Brown eyeliner pencils. I honestly have no idea how so many of them have appeared, but I’m not complaining – they’re a staple in my beauty diet.

B: Either palettes or lipsticks. It’s getting slightly out of hand!

Would you rather perfect eyebrows or perfect winged eyeliner?

B: Eyebrows. I feel like eyeliners easier to make look nicer than brows.

J: Perfect winged eyeliner – there’s nothing quite as fierce as the perfect flick. I recently got a fringe, which disguises unkempt brows and hides my baby hair. Win.

Many thanks again to Brooke for doing this collab! To check out my five questions, click here to head over to Brooke’s blog. Until next time, you go girl.

– J

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