The Wind In My Sail

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Second daily prompt article, hurrah. Sail, eh? Let’s huddle around and chat about that. What are the things in life that give you that spark that makes you accomplish things? What ignites that fire within you? What gives you that wind in your sail? It could be anything for each of us – from the way you feel when you’ve finished writing a book, to the way your cat looks at you when you get home from work. Here are some of mine.

  • Listening to a great film soundtrack with noise-cancelling headphones.

Probably one of the best feelings out there. Just put something epic on, and you’re bound to feel that adrenaline rush – it’s only a matter of time. Here’s a personal recommendation – if you haven’t already heard the soundtrack to “How To Train Your Dragon” by John Powell, you’re missing out. It’s not “just another animated film”, but I promise you’ll enjoy the music even if animated films are not your thing. Another personal recommendation – pretty much anything by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The founding father of modern Hollywood film music, the way he toys with harmony and orchestration is just to die for.

  • Failure.

This is a complex one. But yes, failure really does give me that wind in my sails, perhaps one that I never had before but desperately needed. At the time, it feels like anything but a blessing, but that’s exactly what failure means for me. It’s that kick in the butt that pushes you, and teaches you what you’re truly capable of once you’ve dusted yourself off and risen from the ashes. We need failure, and we’ll never get anywhere without it. So commend yourself for having the courage to fail.

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  • Watching an inspirational film.

I’m one of those people who really get sucked into films – I blame my extremely colourful imagination (no seriously, I promise I’m not humble bragging). I was that child who cried when Mufasa got thrown off the cliff, and when Tramp was snatched away from Lady and taken to the dog pound. There’s nothing quite like a good film that touches that special nerve inside you to get you going.

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  • Crying.

Crying feels great. Sometimes, we feel ashamed of ourselves for crying. but your body is thanking you. You need that physical release, whatever the reason behind all the tension that’s been building up for a while. You need to lick your wounds and allow them to heal before being able to move forward. You know that “I’ve got nothing to lose” feeling that usually comes right in the middle of a hefty sob? Cling on to that – we are sometimes our biggest inhibition. Do yourself a favour and bear that in mind every time you do something or make a decision. What have we really got to lose?

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  • Talking to someone who shares your goals and dreams.

Just plain talking it out. Letting it go, and confiding in a friend or a special someone who can say “I know what you mean”, and you’ll believe them without a second thought. Cherish that someone who shares your goals and dreams, as they’re the person who’s most likely to understand your current stance on things, whether you’re at a crossroads, on the brink of drastic change or even wondering if you want drastic change. Take the opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve, and you might just learn a thing or two.

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What about you? What gives you that wind in your sail and pushes you to journey into unknown waters? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

You go girl.

– J

Featured image source: All credits to Claes Martinsson, please go and check out his beautiful photography.

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