Fall Makeup Favourites

To all you Brits out there, let’s make that autumn*… my apologies. I had the pleasure of doing another collab with the lovely Alizabeth from Curvyhipsandtintedlips. We’re both so excited for the change in seasons, because that can only mean one thing – it’s time for autumnal makeup. All those coppery shades and berry lippies… my favourite. We had a little chat about all things fall and makeup where we asked each other ten questions each – voila.

Alizabeth’s Questions

  • What’s the universal blush for fall?

J: Revlon’s powder blush in Mauvelous. I’m not someone who uses blush very often but I’m loving that warm hue which looks oh-so-natural.

A: Wet n Wild’s Mellow wine– this blush looks STUNNING on all skin tones, especially during fall!

  • More or less highlighter?

J: Less. The blinding highlight doesn’t look too great on me in real life, sadly – kicks my oily skin up a notch and it can turn into frying-pan-style grease by the end of the day if I’m not careful.

A: In all honesty, it just depends on what type of skin you have! If you have oily skin, you’re going to want to use less highlighter, because your skin produces a natural glow. Using a lot of highlighter can really bring to surface the amount of texture you have on your face. However, if you have dry skin, using a lot of highlighter in the RIGHT places can bring life and lumosity to your skin!

  • What’s your favorite vampy lip shade?

J: Probably NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage. I absolutely adore that shade.

A:  Tarte’s Hangry!

  • What’s your favorite nail shade for fall?

J: I’m not one to do much with my nails – when I do go for it, it’s usually a nude shade all year round. Though I have to say Kiko Milano’s Nail Lacquer in Pearly Golden Coffee is absolutely gorgeous.

A: I love wearing greys on my nails in the fall. LA Colors has a great selection of different greys and I always tend to gravitate towards them.

  • What is one makeup tip you think everyone should know for makeup application during fall?

J: Always clean up around the lip lines with concealer or foundation, particularly if you’re wearing a darker lip colour.

A: Moisturize! Even if you have oily skin, use a moisturizer. Your skin is going to start freaking out since the weather is cooling down and it’s going to start drying out. If you don’t want your foundation to look cakey, moisturize.

  • What’s your favorite eyeshadow shade to work with during the cooler months?

J: Cool-toned browns, taupes, and wine/burgundy hues. Oh, and ashy golds.  

A: Cranberries. I have red hair and I LOVE pairing a cranberry eye and cranberry lip with my auburn hair.

  • How do you combat dry skin in your makeup routine?

J: I moisturise after washing my face in the morning and before I go to bed, and I always use a primer before applying makeup. If my skin is feeling extra dry, I’ll go in with a touch of Bio-Oil to soothe dry patches.

A: I always moisturize my skin before bed. I have super oily skin, so I don’t really have to worry about my entire face being dry. If I have dry patches, I’ll use a moisturizer before putting on makeup. Usually, Cetaphil’s daily moisturizer.

  • What’s your favorite primer to use during the cooler months?

J: OUD Milano’s Flawless Beauty Primer. It’s a little greasy for the summer but perfect for when the weather starts getting chillier. My makeup stays on for ages and really pops when I use it.

A: NYX born to glow gives my skin the perfect amount of glow to it, without being too greasy. It’s affordable and works well as a primer.

  • What’s a skin care product everyone should use when fighting against super dry, winter skin?

J: Kalme Desensitising Undercoat Moisturiser. It’s a lovely consistency without being greasy, and keeps my skin so soft and smooth.

A: Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer. It feels so thick and luxurious on my skin. I use it on my face (as that’s where it’s meant to be used) and my knees and elbows if they’re looking super dry!

  • Bronzing or no bronzing once the leaves start changing colours?

J: A bit of bronzing always. I do love some colour in my face – bronzer somehow always looks more natural on me than blush, whatever the season.

A: It depends on what you’re working with on the rest of your face. If you’re working with a lot of warmer tones, go with bronzer! If you’re working with cooler tones, stay with contour, as it’s a cool toned powder, unlike bronzer.

Janelle’s Questions

  • What’s your favourite lip therapy product during the cooler months when your lips desperately need that TLC?

J: Burt’s Bees lip balms. Currently using the mango butter one! It tastes absolutely delicious and I don’t have to reapply for ages.

A: Carmex! It’s SO much better than chapstick and really brings some moisture back into my lips. I get it from the dollar store and it has a faint hint of vanilla!

  • Which eyeshadow palette do you think best embodies that pumpkin spice fall trend?

J: Definitely the 35OM Morphe palette. Those burnt oranges and copper tones are just to die for, I think that palette is every warm-toned girl’s dream.

A: Naked Heat palette, totally!

  • Shimmer or matte highlight for fall?

J: Bit of both, I’ll go for whichever best matches the rest of my makeup that day. I’m really enjoying my shimmery highlights on a dewy foundation base at the moment, so I’ll probably stick with those for a while.

A: A great glow always makes you look more awake and healthy. So, shimmer for me!

  • Brown or berry toned lipstick?

J: Brown. I’m a warm gal all the way.  

A: Berry tones are my best friends.

  • If you could have a lifetime product supply from one brand only, what would it be?

J: Hmm, probably NYX. I love almost all their products. I don’t think there is a shade of Lip Lingerie that I actively dislike.

A: TARTE! I love Tarte Cosmetics so much. Their products always smell SO amazing, they’re so pigmented, they’re vegan and cruelty free. I haven’t found a product yet that I’ve been disappointed in.

  • Brown or black eyeliner?

J: Brown for pencil, black for gel/liquid.

A: Black. I only wear black t-shirts and I only wear black eyeliner, whether it’s for my waterline, tightlining, or for liquid liner.

  • What’s your favourite trick to prevent lipstick from bleeding and getting everywhere?

J: Use a lip liner before applying your lipstick, and set with some translucent setting powder afterwards. Or just use a matte liquid lipstick – that stuff is hardcore.

A: I literally suck so badly at applying lipstick and that’s because my lips are super uneven. ALWAYS use a liner, even if you’re using a liquid lipstick.

  • If you had to do a bright eye makeup look for Halloween, what would it look like?

J: Hmm, probably a dark copper/gold ombre eyeshadow look with a bright orange eyeliner layered on top of a black cat eye. Really liking that dark eyeshadow/bright liner look at the moment.

A: I would do a natural/neutral look for the top part of my lid with a pop of color on the bottom part of my lid. I love doing looks like that; I would use a bright orange for the pop of color and probably a black smokey eye up top.

  • Contour or non-tour? Or both?

J: I’m more of a contour person usually – highlight doesn’t do too well with my oily skin. Though I’ve been using highlighter more recently and I rather like it, so I’ll have to say both!

A: Contour! I have a very round face and contouring really helps to bring some shape and structure to my face, which ya girl needs!

  • If you could choose only one product to create a full face of makeup, what would it be?

J: A pinky brown nude satin finish lipstick. Works wonders as a cream blush and easy to apply as an eyeshadow. The monochromatic look is timeless.

A:  I actually did a tutorial like this on my channel. I would use ELF’S St. Lucia Bronzer and Blush duo. I literally did my whole face using this makeup!

And there you have it. We had fun doing this one. A huge thank you to Alizabeth for joining me on my blog and please check out her blog and YouTube channel. Over to you – do you have any favourite fall makeup looks, if you change your makeup with the seasons at all? I’d love to hear all about it! You go girl.

– J

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16 Comments on “Fall Makeup Favourites”

  1. This was so fun to read! It was really awesome seeing your different styles…I love fall. Also, do you have any advice about how to wear lipstick without it smearing everywhere? I’m sort of afraid to wear lipstick in public because it’s usually so most and I’m afraid I’m going to wipe my mouth or something at smear it all off…I want the color, but not the…staininess? ?? Lol I hope this makes sense…

    1. Awh thank glad you enjoyed it! I totally know what you mean about the staininess – especially when the wind blows and your hair gets caught in your lipstick… Honestly I stick to liquid matte lipsticks because they don’t smear (unless you’re eating greasy food) and they’re pretty worry-free. If you have to wear a buttery lipstick, I would suggest starting with some foundation on the lips first – tends to adhere better that way. After putting on your first coat of lipstick (with a lip brush), press your lips down gently on a tissue. I find that this removes any excess that will smear and presses the colour into the folds of your lips much better. If you want more colour saturation, just repeat. Finish it all with a light dusting of translucent powder (applied over a tissue). A really great trick is to just use lip liner all over your lips, you get that colour intensity and it doesn’t tend to move as much. Let me know how it goes! xx

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