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I’ll start by saying that I love a good bargain. Also pronounced: I’m stingy. Discovering new beauty products whose quality surpasses their price tag is one of the best feelings out there. Collection happens to be one of my favourite brands for that reason. If you’re a frequent drugstore lurker, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the Collection makeup stand is somehow magnetic and I always end up spending an inappropriate amount of time in front of it. Here is a roundup of – in my opinion – some of their best products.

  • Naturally Matt Foundation


This works great for me as an everyday foundation. The coverage is fairly sheer, and this is a quality that I rather like. Fear not, it’s also buildable and that’s where the matte effect really comes into play. I often find that mattifying foundations can make my skin look dull, but I use this one pretty sparingly and my skin still looks dewy AF. It blends easily too, and I’ve found that a stippling brush or any fluffy brush used in circular motions tends to work better than foundation brushes. Maybe that’s just me. Lasting power is great, and it held my powder contouring products in place throughout the day. The only real downside to this one is that it comes in a limited number of pale shades (I use Ivory) – sadly not too useful for darker-skinned ladies. Check it out here.

  • Fast Stroke Eyeliner


This was actually the first eyeliner I’d ever had that wasn’t a pencil one. It’s a gel eyeliner, and I just love the little bottle (all you need is one look at my makeup collection and you’ll know that I’m obsessed with tiny bottles and fat crayons). The handle of the brush is fairly slim and not too long, I find that this makes it easier to apply especially when I was still trying to get out of the panda eye phase. In terms of the formulation, it’s just the right viscosity for me without being too gloopy or runny. One tip with this one would be to dip the wand in the pot after every few strokes, otherwise the product on the wand tends to run out fairly quickly and you’re left with patchy areas all over the lid. Personally, I find that the wand is a little rough on the skin and I have to be very gentle when applying. Maybe I’m just heavy handed. Nevertheless, I’ve recently switched to felt tip eyeliners but if you’re a gel gal, this one’s a goodie you’ll want in your collection. It stayed on all day, with zero smudge factor. I don’t know about you, but peace of mind for £2.99 isn’t so bad. Check it out here.

  • Precision Contouring Stick

collection 4.jpg

Ah, probably the most reached-for product in my makeup collection, besides brown eyeliner pencils and mascara. This one comes in fair, medium and dark and I currently use the medium crayon. My favourite thing about this one is its versatility – it’s great as a speedy matte eyeshadow and as a matte bronzer (I feel that the brown is a little too warm for contouring). I absolutely love the crayon-to-powder formulation too. It isn’t exactly creamy on the crayon, but it applies as a powder onto the skin and this makes it so easy to blend. I usually swipe it on like a child with a wax crayon and blend away with my finishing powder brushes. It lasts all day with a primer and liquid foundation too. I definitely use it much more often as an eyeshadow, it’s the perfect brown that adds that extra warmth but looks oh-so-natural. Check it out here.

I’d love to know what you think of Collection of a brand and if you’ve tried any of their products. I’ll definitely be repurchasing! You go girl.

– J


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