For The Love Of All Things Tea

“You’ll learn to be a coffee person once you start uni,” they said. No matter how much I insisted on how much I hate the taste of coffee and how bad the caffeine jitters get, they brush me off and say, “You’ll see”. I’m halfway through my degree and I am still very much a tea lass (splash of milk and no sugar, please). Believe me, I tried. From caramel frappucinos with mountains of whipped cream to the humble Americano, I sampled my fair share in an attempt to embrace the infamous coffee breath. It didn’t work – I was awake at all sorts of hours and trembled like a leaf in the wind (not in the dainty, cutesy way). I’ll never forget that time I agreed to an espresso after having dinner in Milan, and I lay awake all night checking my watch every five minutes. So, to celebrate my love for all things tea, I decided to share some of my favourite teas with you today. Not gonna lie, I was also inspired by englishwithkirsty’s post on Teapigs’ “Feel Good” range – found myself craving a cuppa whilst reading it! Please check her out.

  • English Breakfast

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Ah, the humble English Breakfast tea. I have a cup of the stuff every morning, and people say it’s supposed to give you a shot of caffeine (less so than coffee) but I feel absolutely nothing. Always the drink of choice during the cooler months, and there’s something so unmistakably comforting about it. I personally have it with milk and no sugar, though I used to like it black. I think I just got impatient whilst waiting for it to cool to a drinkable temperature.

  • Lemon and Ginger

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There’s something about this one that warms the whole system. Ginger is great stuff. I always go for this when I’m ill, or feeling cold. The citrus flavour from the lemon kills all traces of that horrible taste in your mouth when you’re ill, and the spice from the ginger soothes your throat and clears your sinuses too. Tastes stunning iced too, by the way.

  • Jasmine Green Tea

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Such a refreshing one, and healthy too. Green tea has lots of antioxidants, the good stuff that keeps free radicals in check (the stuff that builds up from exposure to environmental toxins). It’s sweet without being sickly, and I personally find the scent of jasmine so relaxing.

  • Fennel

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Liquorice in tea form – what more could I ask for? I first discovered this on a cold winter’s night, and I haven’t looked back since. Fennel is touted as one of those superfoods that do all sorts of tricks from improving gum health to boosting the immune system. Superfood or not, I love the taste of it. Perfect for blasting that leftover taste after a fatty meal.

  • Peppermint

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The bloat blaster. I hardly ever get bloated these days but when I do, it’s bad. Peppermint tea seems to solve that almost instantly, and the taste of it is delicious. It’s a great choice for a morning drink too – perks me right up and leaves a pleasant taste in my mouth. Pro tip – great for hot flushes or if you’re in bed with a fever, the menthol from the peppermint cools you right down.

  • Chamomile and Honey

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My bedtime buddy. I have to be careful with this one – I have a tendency to leave the bag in for too long and I like my chamomile fairly weak. A lovely herbsy taste (is that a thing?) that promotes good sleep. I like the extra kick that honey adds to the drink – it’s also a demulcent and a great solution for an irritating cough that gets particularly tickly at night. Drink up, ladies.

What about you? Are you a coffee bug or a tea lover? Or neither? I’d love to hear about some of your favourite drinks – save the whiskey for later, darling. At least past midday, come on now. You go girl.

– J

14 Comments on “For The Love Of All Things Tea”

  1. Haha, I became a coffee person at the end of uni and when at work. I then limited my coffee intake again but having children didn’t help? That been said, I still love a nice cup of tea?

  2. I feel you! I never got into the taste of coffee either! People keep asking me “How do you survive uni? How do you survive the day in general?” – well, tea is life, I guess 😀 Apart from breakfast tea, I love all the ones you’ve listed 🙂 My mum got “caramel apple pie tea” the other day and I was very sceptical but it is amazing as well (and healthier than the actual thing)! Great post, tea is such a cool thing to blog about 🙂 S. xx

    1. That caramel apple pie tea sounds amazing! Reminds me of a salted caramel green tea that Twinings did not so long ago… and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can’t deal with coffee! 😀 xx

  3. Thanks so much for linking my post, and that’s a great tip about the cooling properties of peppermint. A nurse brought me some after my operation recently and I really think it helped.

  4. Hi there. I gotta say I share your love of teas, fennel and jasmine green teas being my latest soft spots. Still, I’m more of a coffee person…., said SHE sipping her third coffee so far. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Haha 3rd coffee?? I’d probably be having a heart attack right now if I had 3 coffees! And yessss, nothing better than a cup of fennel when it’s cold outside. Thanks for stopping by x

  5. Mmm jasmine green tea sounds awesome, I have tried many various types of green teas but never tried the jasmine one.

    I will definitely get some this week.

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