Green Meows

My deepest apologies if you clicked on this expecting a post about green cats. Whilst I wish those existed, I think I’d be more comfortable sticking to green cat eyes. Which is exactly what I’ve decided to attempt today.

Those of you who read my Kiko Milano Splurge post may remember a certain eyeliner pencil in Spring Green. I wanted to challenge myself, being someone who doesn’t go anywhere near bright colours for my day-to-day makeup. So, since British weather has decided to do its thing and it’s now pouring outside, here is a little something I did today.


Voila, my green cat eye. Green was always my favourite colour as a kid (because pink is too mainstream, etc etc). I absolutely adore the winged eyeliner/cat eye look, but black tends to get a little… mundane. So, why not combine the two? And that’s exactly what I did.

I’d definitely wear this look to a party. Or any kind of outing. Screw it, life is too short not to play with bright colours. Here’s how to recreate it.

  • Prime your under-eye area and top lids, all the way up to the brow bone.

I used to do this with an eye primer, but I’ve recently started using concealer for all of it. I find that this helps even out any inconsistencies in skin tone and looks much nicer as a base for my eye makeup. I try to avoid doing that thing where you apply concealer in huge inverted triangles under your eyes – I find that doing this makes the concealer cancel itself out, if that makes sense. Keep it within the dull bags under your eyes and the brightening effect is much more noticeable.

  • Do your brows.

You’ll have to excuse my caterpillar brows. Unlike me, do your brows at this point. Pencil, pomade, gel, whatever you normally use. Or you can be like me, and rock caterpillar brows. The juxtaposition of chaos against industrial precision at its finest. Okay I’ll stop now.

  • Get your cat eye on.

Grab your usual liquid or gel eyeliner and whack it on. If you’re struggling to choose between the two, or if you’re just wondering what the differences are, this post I wrote about different kinds of eyeliners might offer some help. Personally, I’ve recently switched to felt tip pens over the gel types – I find that the nib gives me much better control and for some mysterious reason, I flinch less when applying it. Whatever helps you get that orgasmically perfect cat eye. Meow.

  • Apply the green eyeliner on top of the black flick.

I have a distinct feeling that this step may have been easier, had the green eyeliner not been the pencil type. Nevertheless, this was the fun part. Apply the green as closely to the black line as you can, tracing the shape of the flick. Start right in the inner corner and taper off as you reach the pointed tip. It might help to sharpen the pencil beforehand – I had to do the back-and-forth thing to get decent colour saturation. Don’t worry too much if the green overlaps with the black at this point, I simply went over the black line with more black eyeliner afterwards.

The green I used was the KIKO Milano Smart Eye Pencil in Spring Green. Here are some alternatives if you fancy a different green (yes, I am now an Amazon Associate and affiliate links are very much in use below):

  1. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner in Jungle Green.
  2. Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Loving Green
  3. Maybelline Emerald Green Eyeliner Matic Twist Up Pencils – You don’t need to sharpen this pencil. I have a very, very soft spot for these.

  • Apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow to your inner corners.

I like the extra sparkle that this gives to the whole look. Apologies – it came out a very strange colour in the photo above, but I promise that it’s gold.

  • Finish with black pencil eyeliner on your bottom lash line and some mascara.

This just frames the eye nicely so that the bottom lid doesn’t look too naked. Make sure the liner on the outer corners connect (top and bottom). Apply a white eyeliner to your waterline if you fancy that extra brightness. Top everything off with some mascara (curl your eye lashes for that extra curliness before applying mascara).

  • Last but not least, more concealer.

Clean up all the edges that may have smudged or could do with a little more sharpness – particularly at the outer tail of the flick where the green and black taper off together. Clean it up just above the green line to give that high definition contrast, as well as above and below the flick as mentioned. If necessary, add a little underneath the black pencil so that it is less likely to smudge. Finish with setting powder.

Today has been a fun rainy afternoon. I’d planned a afternoon nap – there’s nothing quite like falling asleep to the pitter-patter of rain. I’m rather glad I did this instead. I’d love to hear what you think, or any experiences you’ve had with green eye makeup in general – I’m all ears! Thank you as always for reading, you go girl.

– J

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