Growing Up Through Makeup

I did a lot of experimenting throughout my preteen and teenage years. Green glasses, a pixie cut with a shaved underside, purple mascara, a DIY earring (yes, only one) that consisted of a keyring and a chain necklace, and lots of other goodies. Trying new things is a key part of growing up and honestly, I don’t think we should ever stop experimenting no matter how old we are. Being a lover of all things makeup, I think the exact same thing applies with beauty. I was a bit of an awkward duckling (bet you couldn’t tell, could you? Ahaha…ha…) and it took a while before the swan phase was in sight, but I had lots of bumbling fun along the way. Here is a little collection of beauty phases with whom I had dalliances; I feel that most of us go through them at some point along our beauty journey.

  • Bright blue eyeshadow.

Screenshot 2017-10-28 17.08.45.png

My aunt got me one of those children’s makeup kits when I was younger, and I played with the stuff like there was no tomorrow. I felt so grownup smearing that blue shadow onto my lids with all five fingers, followed by some bright pink shadow on the other eye. Don’t even get me started on the mint green mascara, oh those were some good times.

  • Glittery lip gloss.

Image by Ashley Linh Trann CC BY 2.0

I layered this stuff on until there was a centimetre-thick layer of the glittery goop on my lips. Most of my lip glosses tended to be some shade of bright pink and the glitter was often the chunky kind. Needless to say, it would end up in streaks across my face when the wind blew and strands of my hair got caught in it. I didn’t care, I felt like a total diva wearing it and nothing could stop me.

  • Black kohl eyeliner. Lots of it.

Image by pumpkincat210 on, CC BY 2.0

All the way along my bottom lash line and water line, right up to the inner corner. More often than not, my bottom liner would be much heavier than my top liner and I would work this in windscreen-wiper-type strokes. You can imagine the panda eyes that adorned my face. Black pencil liner was a huge part of my early makeup days – if only I knew how to use it in a slightly classier way.

  • Incy Wincy Spider… lashes.

Being of Oriental descent, I’m not exactly blessed with the long, fluttery lashes that you see in almost every mascara advertisement (cows have amazing eyelashes, just throwing that out there). As a spotty teen, I decided that I’d had enough of my short, straight lashes and I went all out with the mascara. I would apply Maybelline’s “The Colossal Volume Express” in layer after layer, my little heart leaping with joy at any sign of a curl. Needless to say, I was walking around with spider lashes on my top and bottom lash lines. I bloody loved it.

  • Orange foundation that didn’t quite make it to the neck.

Ahh, that mid-teen phase when everyone wanted to be tan and perfectly bronzed, especially in the winter (teen logic). Now, I’ll say it – I’m pretty pale for an Asian gal. Somehow, I felt the need to get my tan on – but only on my face. Probably thought I could get away with wearing a scarf and covering my neck, who knows. If you’re a teen who’s wondering whether or not to jump on the one-shade-darker foundation bandwagon all your friends are on, I’ll tell you now – an orange face flatters nobody, unless your name is Donald Trump. Moral of the story, get a foundation that actually matches your natural skin tone, whether you’re paler than alabaster or darker than the darkest shade of Fenty Beauty. If you’re having trouble, ask the sales assistant for help – that’s what they’re there for.

  • Overplucked eyebrows.

I didn’t start grooming my brows until pretty late. Mostly because I’m such a wuss when it comes to pain and plucking one brow hair would move me to tears. The early days of brow grooming involved me venturing to the other side of the spectrum and going a little crazy with the tweezers. Remember the sperm brows of the 90s? I would go from my naturally thick brows to those bad boys within one single brow plucking session. Thankfully, I’ve learned to embrace my natural brow shape and clean up minimally only if needed. I can practically hear my hair follicles singing my praises.

Did you do any of these growing up? I’d love to hear your stories! You go girl.

– J

All images used in this post were made available under a Creative Commons License.

J’s Picks:

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Very Black. If you haven’t seen this brush, you’re going to love it – rows of bristles of varying lengths, and a curved wand too. Leave those spider lashes for Halloween parties.
Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara in Black. I’ve heard some lovely things about Shiseido’s mascaras being fabulous for short, straight lashes. If natural fibres are your thing, you’ll love this one.
Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra Fine Precision Pencil. It’s not MUA Melissa Alatorre’s favourite for no reason. Comes in a range of browns to suit your brow shade, and twists down so that you don’t completely ruin it by smushing it against the lid.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation. Been using this recently since I needed a foundation and I have been LOVING IT. Review to come soon but in short, it’s a medium coverage foundation and moisturises my skin so beautifully without feeling greasy (I used a matte-finish setting spray). Comes in a lovely range of shades for medium complexions but sadly not so much for particularly pale or dark skin tones.

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  1. My uncles once gave my mum this colourful eyeshadow palette. It have everything from blues, greens, yellows, pinks etc. I would take the darkest shades and smear them across my eyelids and then use the pinks and stripe them across my cheeks. I remember glitter lip glosses were such a trend. xx

  2. This was a good walk down memory lane post for me ? I remember thinking I was too cool with blue eyeshadow slapped all on my eyes when I didn’t even know how to blend it back then ? I still suck at applying eyeshadow despite how many YouTube beauty guru videos I have watched, so I have ditched trying ? I don’t know why, but the glitter lipstick seems appealing now to me ? Not sure what I’m thinking and what I was thinking when over plucking my eyebrows to have basically nothing back in the day ? Fun post!

    1. Haha i tootally know what you mean about the glitter lipstick, I was thinking that as soon as I hit publish on this post! Really want to try frosted lips. I’m sure you’re great at eyeshadow already, you are your own harshest critic after all! Thanks for stopping by <3 xx

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