Help! Greasy Hair Fixes – NO Washing or Dry Shampoo

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Not a makeup one today, but definitely something I struggle with more often than I’d like to admit (greasing it up RIGHT NOW as we speak). My hair is fairly straight naturally, but there is a lot of it on my head. When it gets greasy, it doesn’t hold back and my fringe is usually the first to give it away. Here are some of my favourite tips to keep your hair looking fresh for yet another day without a wash – when you DON’T have dry shampoo. Aha.

  • Talcum powder

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A firm favourite of mine. Put a little into your roots and give your scalp a quick massage. Don’t forget to brush it out well, greasy roots are definitely preferable to the messy cocaine white powder look any day. Especially if your hair is dark like mine.

  • Facial toner (with alcohol)

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Eucerin Dermopurifyer Oil Control Toner

Not the best long term solution for the health of your hair, but if you have a facial toner containing alcohol lying around, go ahead and spritz some into your roots and greasier areas. The alcohol in the toner breaks down the oils, leaving you with fresher looking hair for the time being . Or just go and wash your hair, dammit.

  • Volume!

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One hallmark of greasy hair is the way it lies flat against your scalp and appears weighed down. Counter this with a bit of texture. Create volume with a hairbrush and texturising spray, especially around your roots. Curls are a great way to do this and look cute as hell.

  • Loo roll.

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Not the most glamorous solution, but this is a truly a solution for the ultimate emergency when you have absolutely nothing else to work with. Hold a single piece of loo roll (don’t fold it up) against your scalp and allow it to absorb the excess oils. Voila, instantly cleaner looking hair.

  • Stop touching your hair.

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Stop it. Stop it now. Think about every surface you’ve touched today. There are oils and other gunk on your hands that only get transferred to your hair every time you attempt to smooth it down or fix it. This one is a bit like licking your lips – provides short term relief but only makes things worse as the day goes on. Trust me – I’m a shameless Vaseline addict.

If all else fails, show off your best French plait/braid or add an accessory to cover it up. Doing a French plait is an upper body workout in itself – just me? If you seem to struggle with greasy hair too or if you’ve tried any of these tips, give me a shout in the comments below! Until next time – you go girl.

– J

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