Help! My blush is too dark…

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Russian dolls were the first thing that sprang to mind even as I typed the title of this post. That, and clowns. Or possibly five-year-old me playing with my mother’s makeup. Don’t get me wrong, Russian dolls are beautiful. Specifically that pink blush. Unfortunately, replicating those rosy cheeks in real life is somewhat… different. The problem of buying a blush that’s too dark is all too real, and here’s how you can make use of it rather than tossing it.


  • Apply with a fan brush.

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Less really is more when it comes to blush, especially if it’s not quite the right colour. Fan brushes work wonderfully if your blush happens to be the powder kind. Their shape is perfect for a diffuse dusting of colour, which you can build gradually.

  • Mix it with concealer/foundation.

This works whether your blush comes in a powder, crayon or cream formulation. Feel free to do this with a mixing palette, or on the back of your hand. Avoid doing it directly on your face.

Foundations are great for this; they dilute the colour of the blush so that it leans towards your natural skin tone without changing its colour. If your blush is a powder, use a powdered foundation. If your blush is a crayon or cream, use a liquid foundation or foundation stick.

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However, if the blush you have is simply the wrong colour and there are no two ways around it, use a colour correcting concealer.

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If your blush is too pink (we’re talking blue-based pinks like fuchsia), use a yellow concealer. The yellow will neutralise the blue base colour in the blush, and it will look much more natural on you, especially if you have warm undertones.

If your blush is too orange, use a green concealer. The green will cancel out the redness and make the blush much more wearable.

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e.l.f Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow. Image source:

For best results, mix it with a colour correcting concealer as well as your regular under-eye concealer.

  • Use it as a setting powder for a bright lip colour.

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If your blush is the powdered kind, skip the matte lipsticks or translucent setting powder and make use of what you already have. After applying your lip liner and lip colour, pat some blush onto your lips with a lip brush, taking care to stay within the natural lines of your lips. Blot with a tissue to remove excess. This works especially well if your blush is similar to the colour of your lipstick.


  • Use it as a lip stain.

If your blush is the cream or crayon kind, simply swipe onto your lips for a quick pop of colour. Just remember to apply a base layer of lip balm beforehand.

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Cle de Peau Persimmon Cream Blush. Image source:
  • Pink eyeshadow

One of those trends that seem daunting but turn out to be incredibly versatile once you try it for yourself. If your blush is a light baby pink, use it as a base colour all over your lids.  Swipe a shimmery gold eyeshadow on top to add sparkle.

If your blush leans towards a darker pink or berry shade, apply with an angled eyeliner brush to your top lids and wing outwards into a flick. Just remember to keep the pink to your top lids only – you don’t want to look like you have… well, pink eye.

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For powder blushes, simply wet your brush before applying to get better definition and more colour payoff. With crayon and cream blushes, you can use your finger or a brush for more precision, depending on the look you’re going for. Either way, remember to use a primer or concealer underneath.

Happy blushing! You go girl.

– J


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  1. I need to get me one of those fan brushes! I think blush is a tricky one isnt it. I tend to not suit anything with a reddy tone, as I just look like Iv got too hot. I love these tips, thanks for sharing xx

  2. I’ve heard that blush should be applied from the apple of your cheek up to your hairline and up around the ends of your eyebrows. I’m not sure about that! I love pinky and plum tones.

  3. I often use my blush as an eye-shadow, but that is usually because I’m out and forgot to grab eye shadow ? I really only wear pink eye shadows so it isn’t a problem! I also find that it feels like my blush has gone on heavy but by the time I’ve gotten on my way, it’s not as heavy as I thought ?

  4. Who knew! look how bloody clever you are!
    This is how I do blusher
    Today, I’m going to try blusher
    I dont have blusher
    Oh, but I have some bronzer
    *application, application, application*
    Sure…..that looks ok

    Me looking at photos at a later date _ shit!!!! Thats too much bronzer

    Note to self – learn and find a good blusher!

    Speak with J!

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