Help! My Foundation Is Too Pink

Hello everyone, back today with another instalment for the “Help!” series! All about making use of those products you’ve splashed out on only to discover that they don’t quite work for you. This one today is based on personal experience – I bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation in Classic Beige a while ago, only to find that it was far too pink for me and I’ve probably been walking around with a face looking like one of those delicious giant pink marshmallows. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great foundation, I just picked the wrong shade (I blame drugstore lighting and the fact that I may or may not need new glasses.) Nevertheless, this is quite a common one particularly if you have more of an olive/yellow-toned complexion that tends to come with East/South Asian heritage. Let’s get to it!

  • Mix your foundation with green colour corrector.

Urban Decay – ‘Naked Skin’ colour correcting fluid in Green

This works particularly well if you’re an olive gal (Hold your hands up in the sun and look for a slight greenish tinge – if you’ve got it, you’re an olive). The green cancels out the pink tones in the foundation and gives you a much more true-to-skin shade. This is personally my new go-to method with that Rimmel foundation – with a bit of practice, you’ll eventually figure out what ratio of green to foundation works best for you.

  • Mix with yellow colour corrector.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics PRO Conceal HD Concealer Yellow Corrector

This one works better if you have a more distinctly yellow undertone. Feel free to add a little yellow to your mixture of foundation and green colour corrector for a perfectly customised shade. Just be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you’ll run the risk of looking jaundiced. I’d much rather the giant pink marshmallow.

  • Keep it to the centre of the face.

The natural redness in your face tends to be within the centre rather than at the periphery – we’re talking around your nose, cheeks, maybe the forehead for some of us. Use the too-pink foundation around these areas to mimic a natural flush, and use a foundation that is closer to your true skin tone for the outer periphery of your face. Blend the two seamlessly into one another and you have yourself a more natural looking face – that has coverage AND manages to avoid the one-dimensional, “painted on” look. Works best with lightweight and medium coverage foundations.

  • Use it on your under-eyes.

Use it as a subtle colour corrector for your undereye area, especially if your panda eyes come with a bluish hue. Let that pinkiness do its thing and brighten them up. Mix into a brightening concealer for that “I got 10 hours of sleep, bitches” look. Just be careful not to take it all the way up to your lower lash line – this can actually make you look more tired! More on this in an upcoming post.

  • Banana powder (why don’t they ever smell of banana?)

MAKE UP FOR EVER – ‘Ultra HD’ pressed powder in Banana

Seriously, if anyone has found a banana powder that actually smells of banana – let me know in the comments below! Simply put the foundation on as usual and apply a LIGHT dusting of banana powder all over your face with a kabuki brush (or any large, fluffy powder brush). Fix it with your usual face powder if you’ve overdone it. Set with setting spray.

  • Use it as eyeshadow primer.

This one works best for oil-free foundations, preferably the matte finish kind. The slight pink tones will brighten your lid area, and mask any discolouration you may have at the same time. Voila, you have yourself a supply of eye primer that won’t run out anytime soon.

If you’ve had a similar experience with a foundation on the pink side, I’d love to hear what you did with it! Hope these helped, until next time – you go girl.

– J

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10 Comments on “Help! My Foundation Is Too Pink”

  1. The curse of drugstore lighting… I feel you ? it’s really interesting to read about solutions! I didn’t know about mixing the foundation with colour correcting! S. xx

  2. Ahhh I aways love your help series, always great tips. I tend to have a pink tone to my skin, so if I get a foundation a little yellow, it can make me look chalky. Foundation is so hard to get just right isnt it x

  3. This is so helpful!! I found that the Nars foundations I was matched too were super pink! Now I use Estee and it matches me so great. These tips are great though, thank you for sharing!

  4. It’s so frustrating when you buy a foundation shade too pink. Because I’m olive and super yellow, it’s difficult for me to find a good colour match. I completely agree with all your tips though. I have previously used pink foundation as an eye shadow primer. xx

  5. Yes I agree with you. If you ain’t careful you could buy the wrong shade of foundation using their lighting. It happened to my sister, she went to a MAC store. She tried the foundation it looked fantastic until she came to my place.

    I think after you have applied the foundation give it 15 mins to settle into your skin. Don’t make your final decision based on their lighting

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