Help! My lip liner is too dark…

Ah, that dreaded outline effect. When you bought lip liner to make your pout pop and it turns out to be the wrong colour for every lipstick you own. And makes your bare lips look cartoonish. Welcome to the second instalment of the “Help!” series. Don’t fret! Here are a few ways to make use of that “too dark” lip liner you bought on a whim.

  • As a lip tint/lipstick

Use the lip liner as a colour in itself! Simply colour in the entirety of the lips. If the colour is too intense, start with a lip balm all over the lips (a good base for any lip colour product anyway) and blend the lip liner colour on top of this. The oiliness of the lip balm should help to spread a smooth, more diluted layer of colour from the lip liner all over the lips. Use a brush if needed or simply rub the lips against each other to even out the colour distribution.

  • As an eyeliner

This works especially well if the lip liner carries more of a brown or plum shade. Simply apply to the top and bottom lash line as you normally would any pencil eyeliner. Sharpen the lip liner to achieve a more precise winged look. This gives a nice variation to the classic black winged eyeliner, a coloured wing can be very eye catching if paired with lots of mascara (without being clumpy) and a nude lip.

  • As an eyeshadow

Apply to the top lid and build according to the intensity desired. Grab a fluffy brush and get blending.

  • Use it to contour

Again, this works especially well if the lip liner carries more of a brown shade. Contour products tend to have a more ashy brown hue. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a using a warmer brown to contour, this gives your face a beautifully bronzed glow that would be perfect for the summer. Swipe in light, frequent strokes under your cheekbones and along the sides of your nose – perfect for those delicate areas that can be difficult to reach with a big brush that often comes with contour kits. Get blending with a contour brush or your favourite beauty blender.

Screenshot 2017-06-06 20.18.40.pngAnd there we have it. Don’t throw away that lip liner, there’s a time and place for everything; maybe one day you’ll rock that dark, vampy lip look.

You go girl.

– J

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