Help! My pressed powder is too light…

Welcome to the first of the “Help!” series, where the struggle to find the perfect product is all too real. We all know the feeling of buying a pressed powder that looks just perfect in the store but makes us look like Dracula when we try it on at home. Rather than tossing it straight into the bin, here are a few ways you can make use of it.

  • Use it as a highlighter. 

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Swipe a little across the top of your cheekbones and over the bridge of your nose for a gentle highlighted effect. The bonus is that you won’t get the shimmer that most highlighting or strobing products have, which looks wonderful through camera lens but can appear harsh in natural lighting. Build for a more dramatic effect.

  • Use it as an all-over eyeshadow base colour.

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After applying primer, apply it all over the eyelid for an even, natural looking eyeshadow colour. It creates a smooth, even base so that any other eyeshadows that you apply on top of it will really pop. If you’re running late, it looks just as lovely by itself. Apply to the inner corners of the eye for a brightening effect. Finish with mascara and tight-line with brown eyeliner for a fresh, wide-awake look.

  • Use it to set under-eye concealer.

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After applying under-eye concealer, dark circles can take on a strange greyish hue that makes our dark circles stand out even more (ironically). Pat some pressed powder over this to even out the skin tone. This doubles up here as a setting powder and gives a natural, bright glow to the under-eyes.

  • Use it to mattify glossy lipsticks.

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Simply press a tissue over your lips and dust some of the pressed powder over your lips. Remove the tissue and voila, matte lipstick. Clean up any smudges with a make-up remover wipe or concealer.

  • Use it as a pressed powder!

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Because why not? Apply very liberally and warm it up with a matte bronzer around the edges and over the angularities of the face (nose, cheekbones, jawline). A pale face and a dark, matte lip/dramatic eyes are very in right now.

You go girl.

– J

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