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I wrote my first book. Holy guacamole.

I am so excited to announce the release of my first book! Say hello to “Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie“.

I actually did it. It’s happened. I wrote my first book.

You have no idea how excited I am. Since hitting that publish button, I haven’t slept properly and my thumping heart has been threatening to burst out of my ribcage at any moment (no caffeine involved).  I’ve gone on a number of runs to help expel all that energy, but nothing has worked. I’m bouncing off the walls as we speak.

As a kid, I always enjoyed reading and writing. I dreamed of one day being able to write my own book and cradle the very first print copy in my arms like a newborn baby. Throughout my teenage years, I wrote my share of fiction here and there in the hopes of turning these scribblings into a book, but publication was never in the cards. I just didn’t attempt it.

In hindsight, probably a wise decision. One of them was a story about the adventures of Ernie and Erin, two earthworms navigating your average home kitchen and befriending a human in the process. Good lord.

Nevertheless, it’s finally happened. I can confidently say that “Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” is unlike anything I have ever written. But at the same time, it is perhaps the most truthful, personal piece of writing I have attempted. Save for my hormone-fuelled teenage diary.

The Blurb

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What does a pharmacist really do? How much pill-counting is involved? Can I have a glass of wine with these antibiotics?

“Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” is a collection of funny (and 100% true) anecdotes from Pharmacy school and musings on the healthcare sector. From Viagra lovers to paracetamol hagglers, Janelle tells all in this labour of love inspired by her personal encounters. Delve deep into the colourful – and at times, mystifying – world of Pharmacy.

Origins – a tip of the hat to pharmacists everywhere.

“Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” was, quite frankly, born on a whim. I had just finished final-year exams at university and suddenly found myself with a LOT of time on my hands. Coupled with the whole virus situation that has – quite unfortunately – made 2020 so memorable, I was spending much more time at home than I was used to. Being one of these people who haven’t yet mastered the art of sitting still, thumb twiddling wasn’t quite satisfying my urges. The pond frogs didn’t exactly provide the most riveting conversation either. I needed something to do.

Maybe I should finally write that book. What better time to commit to it and make that childhood dream a reality? “Lack of time” was certainly no excuse now.

Fresh from the world of university and exams, my brain was still very much in Pharmacy mode. The idea of writing a book based on life in Pharmacy immediately came to mind. I knew I had lots of opinions on healthcare and plenty of weird and wonderful patient stories to share from my experience in clinical pharmacy.

Most of all, I knew I wanted to do something to give pharmacists and Pharmacy students the appropriate recognition they deserve in the media. Pharmacy is a field that comes with a lot of pre-conceived notions that don’t always do the profession justice. I am firmly of the opinion that this is something that needs to be changed – and it all starts with awareness. Awareness of what the practice of Pharmacy is all about and recognising the importance of a pharmacist’s unique skillset in healthcare.

I am aware that this little book of mine might not be moving mountains anytime soon, but I fully intend to do my bit to raise the profile of pharmacists in society. It’s time to leave those pill-counting, box-labelling perceptions on a dusty shelf for good. I like to think that “Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” is a step in the right direction.

Give it a go!

If you fancy a peek into the world of Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, “Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” might just be for you. Please check it out on Amazon HERE – available as a Kindle ebook and a paperback version.

Oh and please kindly leave an honest review on Amazon, especially if you’ve enjoyed it! I love hearing what you think, all feedback is always welcome. Until next time.

– J

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  1. I haven’t bought a new book in such a long time. This is a sign! I’ll let you know when I purchase it and complete reading it.
    It is a big enough achievement in itself to complete writing a book, so let’s cherish that! ♡

  2. This sounds fantastic! You should be hugely proud for writing this & getting it published. I’ve just discovered your blog after the lovely Kirsty at Unseen Beauty did a recent post on the book, so came over here to start stalking (following) you on your blog ? My mother used to work in a pharmacy and I think she wondered at the time about how she’d like to train as a pharmacist but back then the option wasn’t available to her. I think she’d find this as interesting a read as I would, so I’m looking forward to picking up a copy!

    Caz x

    1. Hi Caz and thanks for popping over to my blog! Kirsty is a delight, isn’t she? That’s amazing to hear that your mum worked in a pharmacy and nearly trained to be one, it’s crazy how small a world it is sometimes. I hope the both of you enjoy it, I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂

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