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I’m someone who absolutely adores the matte lip look. Nothing says “chic female who has her sh*t together” quite like a flawlessly smooth, shine-free lip. Unfortunately, the stars did not align in my favour and I also have very sensitive skin/lips. The corners of my lips get very dry and irritated if I deprive them of lip balm for long enough. Just imagine what a whole day of wearing a matte lipstick would do to me, especially the liquid lipstick types. Because who isn’t into having cement lips by the end of the day?

I decided to experiment with lip liner recently, having treated myself to this one from Barry M. It’s in the shade “Blush”, which is a lovely mauve pink and it gives my face that rosy glow when I’m feeling anything but rosy.



To achieve the matte look, I applied this straight to my lips without anything underneath. I know, I forgot to exfoliate, sorry beauty Nazis. I found this fairly drying, so I applied a light coat of balm underneath the lip liner the following day. Whilst this felt much creamier on the lips, the colour also slid off quickly and I had to reapply around two hours later. Without the lip balm, the colour payoff was excellent and it really stuck. It only came off around lunchtime, after I’d finished eating a fairly greasy meal.

Lip liner blog post.jpg

I am impressed. I know that wearing lip liner as lipstick isn’t exactly new in the beauty world but damn, it works so well. If you’re someone who loves a matte lip but doesn’t like the crusty feel of matte lip products and can’t stand the anxiety from waiting for the first signs of flaking, I highly recommend doing this instead. Matte lipsticks also tend to be difficult to reapply, often leaving lumps and uneven product placement everywhere. Doing it with a lip liner gives you that precision you need too, and guess what? It’s so much cheaper than a matte lipstick.

TOP TIP: For that ultra matte look, finish with some setting powder or powder blush on top. Clean up the edges with concealer or foundation to get those sharp lines that liquid lipstick is famous for (at least on Instagram).

I’d love to hear what you think of this, or if you’ve tried Barry M lip liners and whether you love/hate them. You go girl.

– J

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  1. Hey! One thing that you might have tried but if not you should defiantly give it a go. Try applying lip balm when your doing your primer/foundation and then dab it off before your lips. it’s about 30 minutes and works wonders. You could also exfoliate your lips. Lucas Pawpa Ointment is great for a balm

  2. I have always been a huge fan of gloss because my lips are also not meant for matte. They go dry so quickly! Lipliners are great as lipsticks and this colour really suits you. I love berry tones and I am currently going through a red obsession. x

          1. Oh, my goodness! Guam, where I’m from.. Is supposedly getting struck down by missiles from NKorea tomorrow. :'( There’s so much tragedy on this planet.

          2. Thank you, so much! I am concerned and definitely not making jokes like most people have been. It’s a serious thing. Oi vey. Much love to you! xo

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