Makeup for the Bespectacled

Who says that there’s no point in wearing eyeshadow if you wear glasses? Being someone who cannot function without my glasses, I can vouch for the fact that wearing glasses turns makeup into a whole new ball game. Some kinds of lenses can magnify the eye area, this comes with magnified lashes but also more prominent dark circles. See where this is going?

The key with glasses is to keep makeup simple and clean-cut. Glasses add a touch of something extra to the face (literally), so why not showcase them? Build your makeup look around the glasses you have – the opportunities are endless!

  • EYES

Concealer: Depending on how thick your lenses are, you will get some kind of extra shadow cast under your eyes. Therefore, it goes without saying that under-eye concealer is crucial here, try not to skip this step in the morning.

Image result for eyelinerMascara: Invest in a good quality mascara that separates your lashes out and gives you a good curl without clumps. Glasses draw attention to the eye area, so you can really have fun with accentuating them here. The key is to apply mascara to the ends of the lashes rather than the roots. Concentrating mascara at the roots of the lashes gives you a thicker lash line, but doing this can make the lashes heavier and they will droop as a result. Applying it to the ends creates the illusion of more length and thicker eyelashes, particularly when paired with a gel liner wing or your favourite pencil eyeliner.

Eyeliner: Do not forget eyeliner. It frames your eyes and stops them from disappearing behind the lenses and making you appear washed out. A look that works wonders with glasses is a classic wing on the top lid. This just gives the eye an extra lift and emphases its shape.

Colored ChalksA very on-trend look to try is coloured liner. Whether on your top lid or bottom lid, match the colour to your glasses. If you own glasses with a red hue like I do, experiment with a plum/bronze/brown liner. If you’re feeling bold, embrace the clash and try a dark blue or green liner! This will really make your eyes pop. If you own black glasses, then the world is your oyster. No, really. Any colour goes, especially if you match it to your natural eye colour. My brown/hazel-eyed friends: don’t be afraid of electric blue or an emerald green. Life is short.

Eyeshadow: Colour-wise, the same goes as for the coloured eyeliner. Match it to the colour of your frames and your natural eye colour. Matte eyeshadows tend to work well with glasses, particularly if you have shiny frames. In terms of placement, keep the shadow fairly contained around the crease, especially with darker colours. Extending it too high towards the browbone or too far outwards can swamp the eye – there’s just too much going on. Simple and clean-cut.

  • LIPS

Remember the golden rule: only play up your eyes OR your lips. If you have chosen to keep your eye makeup fairly neutral, now is the time to pucker up and go bold. If you have red frames, try an orange or pink-toned lipstick. If your frames lean towards cooler colours like grey or dark blue, try a classic red lip. If you have black frames, well.. you know the drill.

Now, I understand that going bold may not always be appropriate for certain workplaces and occasions. In which case, a nude lipstick has never let anyone down. From dusty rose hues to caramel brown shades, find your match-made-in-heaven nude shade and keep it in your handbag. More of this in another post (where I will be talking about the nipple lipstick fad. You’re welcome).

  • FACE

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And finally, what to do with the face? We live in a free world, but try to avoid a Kardashian-type contour. By all means, contour. Just not too much. Keep it looking natural. Sometimes, I go with no contour at all and sweep some bronzer or blush on the apples of my cheeks. I find that this gives me a healthy glow without looking like I’ve tried too hard. If you must, dab some highlighter on top of this with your fingers.

There it is. Embrace your glasses! There are people who wear fake glasses just to look smarter, or those who wear them as part of their hipster-in-training outfit. Experiment with things you didn’t think could work on you, and most importantly – have fun doing it. You go girl.

– J



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