Midnight Snack Musings 2

Welcome to the second episode of Midnight Snack Musings. As of now, my snacking game is still strong despite all my attempts at fitness and exercise. Which can only mean one thing – more fuel for my brain’s snacky escapades! Here are another 10 strange things that have crossed my mind whilst I’ve been chomping away into the wee hours.

  • How long can I survive out at sea in a floating bathtub filled with supplies?


All these films about being stranded at sea do nothing for my imagination.

  • If we’re okay with having a “Sexiest Woman/Man Alive”, why don’t we have an “Unsexiest Woman/Man Alive”?


If this were a thing, the person in charge of choosing the unsexiest person alive would be ripped to shreds. It’s still objectification either way – if we can do one, why not the other?

  • The moon is a giant disco ball in the sky.


Appears spherical, reflects light, shines at night. Yup, disco ball. Which can only mean that the world is a dance floor, and life is a party. Someone’s probably written lyrics along those lines already.

  • I still sing the alphabet song to myself every time I need to remember which order the letters come in.


PQRSTUV stumped me all the time as a kid. Also I thought it was X-Y-N-Z for a very long time. Don’t ask.

  • Most fruits have some kind of protective mechanism to preserve their seeds. Strawberries don’t seem to give a damn.

smiling strawb.png

Apples have waxy peels, durians have spikes, pumpkins have a tough rind. Strawberries be chillin’.

  • I wonder if there’s a Guinness record for doing the world’s smelliest poops.


If so, I’d love to meet the designers of the smell-ometer they’d be using. My deepest apologies if you’re eating right this second.

  • Sharks would be a lot less terrifying if they were herbivores.


They’d probably organise boat trips for tourists where they bring baskets of fruit and veggies to feed the sharks.

  • Fruit tastes so sweet when it’s so ripe that it’s about to rot.


Especially overripe bananas and berries. The stuff of the gods.

  • I wonder if I could make a whole new wig out of all the hair I’ve shedded in my lifetime.


With hair that sheds as much as mine, we might be talking a few wigs. I could dye each one a wacky colour and wear a different one every day.

  • Dogs love smelling our shoes and playing with them. This must mean they smell amazing.


Eau de Feet, anyone? Dogs look like they’d make a very loyal customer base.

Until next time! You go girl.

– J

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  1. Haha these are excellent! Your brain must be going a million miles an hour.
    Objectifying – agreed. Why not the most unsexiest. Great discussion right there

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