Midnight Snack Musings 4

It’s that time of year again, folks. Well, time of day would probably be more accurate. Uni has started again for me and my brain has gotten up to even weirder stuff lately. Lots of sleepless nights, which mean staring at my ceiling and getting up to pee during the night – something I NEVER usually do. That also means more time for brain acrobatics and believe me, it’s been a full on circus lately. Without further ado, here are the 10 weirdest thoughts that have crossed my mind so far.

  • Can people hear me if I burp internally with my mouth closed?

I bloody hope not – I do this all the time. Like, ALL the time. You know when you feel it rising, and you somehow just swallow it without enunciating?  If you’re eating right this second, I apologise.

  • What if dogs could speak human languages but they just have a pact between themselves to never let this on?

How else do they do things like learn commands like “sit” and “paw”, and fetch the mail from the door when they’re told? I honestly wonder about this one – though the fact that dogs would be able to judge us based on everything we tell them would probably make them less appealing to the human race.

  • Why are those artificially-flavoured grape gummies so good?

They’re just so addictive. If you have no idea which ones I’m talking about, that’s probably a good thing. Thank me later.


  • Some men get really self conscious about moobs, so why don’t we have man bras?

In retrospect, that would probably make dudes even more self conscious about their moobs. Whilst we’re on that subject, concealer and foundation should totally be a thing for men. If women get all sorts of help for problem skin days, why shouldn’t men? Oh, and contouring. Mantouring.

  • I always panic a little whilst watching tech support people fix stuff on my laptop via remote access.

What if they’re a hacker working undercover at Apple? What if they’re gathering information for a top-secret operation that is going to destroy us all before a nuclear war does? Okay, I don’t have anything on my laptop that would be of any value for those purposes – unless they need some colourful notes on the pharmacology of anti-epileptic drugs for whatever reason.

  • Friends always give me sidelong glances when I say that I like sleeping masks. I actually use them for sleeping.

Yes, for sleeping. As opposed to other Christian Grey purposes that you might have in mind. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having such a… versatile item by your bedside. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  • I could honestly spend hours under a power shower but I get so bored in the bath.

What do you do in there? If I tried to read, I’d just spend the whole time panicking about not dropping the book/kindle/device into the water. The fear is real. I’d much rather imagine that the running water is washing all my sorrows and regrets away.

  • They say that you learn from your mistakes but I never remember to close my eyes when spraying perfume.

I’m honestly not sure why I do it, but it happens more often than you’d think. You’d think I would know the pain associated with perfume in your eyes by now.

  • Speaking of which, does Febreze count as a perfume?

It smells so good. I’d quite happily wear that scent everywhere. It’s everything I look for in a fragrance too – clean, fresh and long lasting. Seriously, Febreze needs to come up with their own fragrance line.

  • There’s something so satisfying yet terrifying about a blank piece of paper.

So many possibilities for creation and ruin at the same time, so much so that you reach a point where you don’t know what to do with it. Is that what attaining perfection would feel like?

Would love to hear your thoughts, or any of your own… well, thoughts! Until next time – you go girl.

– J

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10 Comments on “Midnight Snack Musings 4”

  1. I used to tell my dog everything … then wonder what she would say if she could speak! If we learn from our mistakes, I would know that chopping chillis and then brushing your hair back is a bad idea because the chilli is likely to go in my eye – but I still do it aaagh!

      1. I definitely don’t recommend it! Onions are bad enough, although I read the other day that drinking water while you are chopping them is supposed to help. I haven’t tried it out yet.

  2. Hahahah I loved this post so much – really did put a smile on my face:) I hadn’t even thought about the shower/bath dilemma before but it is so true. I literally never take baths because of how bored I get after a couple of minutes. And you should definitely start a man bra company before someone else figures it out!!

  3. This really made me smile! I always wonder if my dog can actually chat to other dogs when he barks. I mean, they probably do not have full on conversations, but when I am walking him, I start to imagine it. And there is something SO satisfying about a blank piece of paper.
    I am a really messy writer and it frustrates me when I realise how much uglier I have made the blank page look! :p xx

    1. Laura! I absolutely love the new name by the way. And yes my neighbours’ dogs always bark back and forth, it’s literally like a conversation. Thanks for stopping by! xxx

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