My Day at OUD Milano UK

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P.S This post was also featured with minor edits on, a fashion and beauty website that I currently write for. 

Well, courtesy of ithestylist, I recently had the pleasure of spending a day at the one and only OUD Milano store on Oxford Street, London. In all honesty, I can’t say that I knew much about the brand before my visit but suffice to say, I was bowled over by the products and the people alike. 

On my arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Sara, the store manager. We talked about the origins of OUD Milano – the first store was launched in Milan in 2015 but much of the inspiration for the products comes from the Middle East. From pure coconut oil to the ylang-ylang oil (both of which smelled divine, by the way), their fragrances oozed luxury and quality. I was hardly surprised to learn that the London store had only opened 2 months ago, and the 6 months’ worth of stock they had started out with had already sold out. 



Sara then showed me around the store and we chatted about the products – from skincare to makeup, they had everything. Being someone who loves talking about all things beauty, I was having a ball. After swatching some of the eyeshadows and lip products, I was very impressed with their pigmentation and lasting power – I had to scrub hard to get them off my hand a few hours later that day.  

To my delight, next up on the agenda was a pampering session for me. I had my makeup done by Dorcas, the makeup artist. She was incredibly skilful and considerate – she made sure to ask if I had any particular preferences or no-nos. Being a fairly easy-going person when it comes to makeup, I told her to do what she thought would look best. She did a fabulous job.

Dorcas’ lovely work on my face.





 Just before I left, I was given a goodie bag with several products that I will be reviewing over the next few weeks (check back to find out what they are!) I had a wonderful time at OUD Milano and would like to thank Sara, Dorcas and Mica for being such wonderful hosts. Please pop into their store if you find yourself on Oxford Street – you won’t regret it!    

Left to right: Mica (makeup designer), me and Dorcas (makeup artist)

You go girl.

– J


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P.S This post was also featured with minor edits on, a fashion and beauty website that I currently write for.

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  1. Wow! You look lovely. Okay… I am getting emotional. Wierd finding a connection in an unexpected way. Your posts are insightful and entertaining. I need to start wearing makeup because those kits look amazing. Me want!

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