My Book

I recently published a book. Eek! Check it out here.

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What does a pharmacist really do? How much pill-counting is involved? Can I have a glass of wine with these antibiotics?

“Let Sleeping Pharmacists Lie” is a collection of funny (and 100% true) anecdotes from Pharmacy school and musings on the healthcare sector. From Viagra lovers to paracetamol hagglers, Janelle tells all in this labour of love inspired by her personal encounters. Delve deep into in the colourful – and at times, mystifying – world of Pharmacy.

Reviews from Amazon

Screenshot 2020-07-05 11.50.08Great insight

I really enjoyed the insight this book gives into the UK MPharm degree program, as well as the range of future opportunities that a pharmacy degree can give to people who choose to study it. 🙂