Novelty Gift Ideas to Get You Through Christmas

Christmas is a time of laughter, gift giving and joy. Unless you’re an adult who has a shitload of planning to do so that everyone ELSE can have their laughter, gifts and joy. I love putting gifts together for people. I like to think I put a lot of thought into my gifts, and it’s all so worth it when you see the person’s face light up. Nevertheless, buying gifts for everyone can be a pain, especially when there are so many things to consider and so little time. Here are some of my favourite places to go when a special someone deserves a little more than the generic wine and chocolates.

Keep It Personal

I am a huge fan of personalised gifts, and these guys have almost everything you could want. From beer glasses to jewellery boxes, they’ve got you covered for every occasion. There’s nothing more personal than a chuckle-worthy message that will get you both smiling and basking in the ambience of fond memories. Though I do wonder about the kinds of messages that people send in to be engraved.

Letter From Santa

Something more suited to children, but I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these at all. Completely customisable to suit your child, the sky really is the limit with this one. Tell them how proud you are of how hard they worked at school this year, or simply the things you love about them. Teach them the value of a sincere, personal gift from day one – generic gifts are so last year.

Pretty Gifted

I recently had the chance to review these guys (will be posted soon!) and I highly recommend them if you’re looking to indulge in quality wrapping paper this year. They offer personalised wrapping paper – right down to the font type, size and even the foil colour (psst… the peppermint paper and gold foil combo is my personal favourite). There’s just something incredible about the exterior of the gift being personalised too, definitely ups the excitement level before I’ve even opened the gift. The only problem is you can’t keep and reuse this wrapping paper, sorry stingy folks.

Not On The High Street

The name tells it as it is. Christmas shopping is often best done online, where you can browse from the comfort of your bed and not have to get into wrestling matches with other shoppers. Another perk is finding sites like this, where they offer almost everything and anything but the usual stuff on the shelves – I guarantee that there’s an option for the wackiest, most-difficult-to-shop-for person in your life.  They even have a bubble tea making kit… that’s going on my wish list this year.

Speaking of which… how’s your Christmas shopping going this year? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you have planned for the holidays? I’d love to hear the weird and wonderful ideas you’ve come up with for the people in your life, whether they’re the real novelty gift type or, well… just a little more bland. Don’t give me that look, we all know someone who happens to be VERY easy to shop for (they probably popped into your head just then). I’d love to hear all your Christmas shopping stories! You go girl.

– J


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  1. I have never looked at Not on the High Street. It is one of those sites that I see advertise all the time – maybe I will have a browse. I am quite practical at Christmas. My family just says what they want and then we buy it – within reason of course. x

  2. I Love these ideas! That gift paper is right up my street as I love anything personalised. What is bubble tea though? I have no clue what that is. Great list you have put together my lovely, thanks for sharing xxx

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