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I’m not very good at taking photos. I’m one of those people who tend to live in the moment and would rather enjoy the experience fully, instead of whipping the camera out to document it. Nevertheless, photos are essentially (and quite literally) a snapshot of that singular moment in time. They can evoke thousands of precious memories – happy ones, not so happy ones, and the bittersweet kind. I’ve been having fun playing with the camera recently, and I decided to put together a little post with some of my favourite photos. Each one has a little story behind it, and I wanted to share that with you today. Enjoy!

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This beautiful boy is Ziggy. He isn’t mine, but I can dream! He’s a cross between a golden retriever and a border collie, and he is the cheekiest pup I’ve ever met. We’ve known each other for about three weeks now, and I love him to pieces.

He was home alone the other day and giving me sad eyes, so I asked my landlady if I could take him out for a run with me. She gladly obliged (and thanked me for giving him some exercise), and we’ve been running buddies ever since. Most of the time, he runs along happily beside me, but definitely gives me that look when I need to slow down for a bit. He’s undoubtedly the fitter one out of the two of us. I usually collapse on the sofa when I get back to the house, and he always comes in for a cuddle. Always.

Oh, and he loves cheese just as much as I do.

This photo was taken on holiday so long ago; I was so young at the time that I don’t even remember being there. Dad and I have always been close, and I was always very much a Daddy’s girl. I lost him to terminal cancer fairly recently, and it hit me hard. Hard enough that I didn’t quite know how to react or what to do with myself for a while – I still don’t think I do. All I could do was focus on the next steps towards my goals in life, like I know he would have wanted me to. I miss him every day, and I like looking at silly, goofy photos of us. It helps me remember his fun-loving spirit, and how much alike we are.

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I have a huge sweet tooth. Sometimes, I try to convince myself that I should cut down on sugar and it would be the quickest way to get in shape, but let’s be honest – my efforts never last long. This is a coffee and chocolate cheesecake I made (and the first no-bake cheesecake I’ve ever attempted). I used bourbon biscuits as the base, a coffee-flavoured cheesecake filling, and topped with chocolate decorations and raspberries. I thought it would be pretty fail-safe for my first attempt, since chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven. A coffee dessert always wins in my books, and I was so proud of this. Maybe I’ll put the recipe up on here, if I can find it.

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Photo creds: David Smith

This was taken when I went to Paris for Christmas with my lovely boyfriend. It was our first holiday together, and my first time in Paris too. We set out for a walk at 11pm on Christmas Eve, all bundled up in coats and scarves. We wanted to see the Eiffel Tower up close at midnight on Christmas day itself – and we did it. At exactly 12am on the dot, the hourly Eiffel tower light show started – it was utterly magical. As per the caption, I did not take this photo – I was obviously too busy gawking at how beautiful it was. Dave is pretty decent with a camera, go check out some of his work on his Instagram, and Shutterstock if you need stock photos.

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My mum is pretty health-conscious – much more so than I am. But once in a blue moon, she’ll turn a blind eye to my sugar addiction and make a crackin’ chocolate marble cake. It’s a family favourite and usually disappears pretty quickly.  I’d say I could post the recipe, but it’s a trade secret.

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This is Simba. He’s a gorgeous Siberian kitty and the most docile cat I’ve ever met. Again, not mine – but as you can probably tell, I love fluffy animals. I believe this was taken on a Friday night after work drinks. Got back to the house and was instantly greeted with head nuzzles and happy meows. He used to wait for me every morning by the breakfast table and we’d sit and eat together in amicable silence, enjoying each other’s company whilst the radio played softly in the background. This almost sounds romantic.

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I had just finished the end-of-year clinical exam at uni, and my friend and I decided to celebrate with a much-needed meal out. That was when we discovered Vapiano for the first time, and this is evidence of the many oh-so-good carbs that were shoved down my neck that night. Seriously though, they do fantastic Italian food. It’s all freshly cooked right in front of you, and I always ask for more garlic and chilli. Because I’m one of those people who will put eight cloves of garlic in a recipe that calls for two.

Do you have a selection of photos that you particularly treasure? I’d love to hear about some of yours – comments and stories are welcome in the comments section below as always! Until next time.

– J

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  1. Cute photos! I’m not a good photographer either. I like to take a quick picture to remember something, but I don’t put effort into composition, light or anything. Just for the memory!

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