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Confession – I’m a Reddit lurker. It’s the go-to social news site for all things weird and wonderful, and I’ve only just discovered it in recent weeks/days (I know!). Being very much of the nerd calibre, the AskReddit community is slowly finding its way into a special place in my nerdy little heart, so I decided to dedicate a post to it. It’s also a cloudy Saturday and I happen to be in the mood for a little question time. Fellow Redditors (or Reddit lurkers), this one’s for you.

When you die, you go to Heaven, but you can only hang out with people who died in the exact same way as you. How are you going to try to go out?

Gorging on garlic prawn pasta (the best thing in the world). Myself and my fellow overeaters in heaven would then collaborate to produce THE best recipe ever and then stuff our faces with garlicky goodness for all eternity.

Maybe I’ll do a recipe post on my garlic prawn pasta one day – keep your eyes PEELED (get it).

In Denmark they have started experimenting with playing music in ambulances to calm down the patients. What song would be worst to choose in that situation?

Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin? Telling me “Don’t worry” is enough to give me palpitations.

What would people take more seriously if it had a different name?

Sausage rolls. They should be called delicious little devices of destruction that give you a ride to a slow death with high cholesterol and high blood pressure along the way, plus an encounter with a heart attack if you’re lucky. I do love them though – you could wrap anything in pastry and I’d be a fan.

What’s perfectly fine to buy in large quantities but weird if you buy only a few of them?

Someone’s already said this but – rice. “I’ll have one grain please, still no sightings of the ol’ summer bod.”

What is the worst thing to say after a first kiss?

“Eh, could have been worse.”

What is extremely rare but people think it’s very common?

Knowing how to fully relax and be peaceful with yourself doing it. Sometimes relaxing can a surprising feat when wonderful things like guilt and to-do lists are ever present in the back of my mind.

What is the scariest music you’ve ever listened to?

The Resident Evil 2 soundtrack. I was introduced to this by my favourite horror freak, who knows that I’m a sucker for good atmospheric music and learning about the psychology behind fear. Even if it means that I occasionally don’t sleep at night.

What’s an underrated food?

Celery! I’m fun at parties, I promise.

What’s the best feeling in the world?

Loving and being loved by someone who has never given you a reason to doubt the way they feel about you. Either that, or releasing Niagara falls when you’ve been desperate to pee for hours.

People with insomnia or trouble sleeping, what are the best ways to help you fall asleep?

Count sheep, or write my Midnight Snack Musings series. Though my brain sometimes thinks that sleepless nights are the perfect time to convince myself that ghosts are real.

Hope you enjoyed this one – thoughts are always welcome as usual in the comments. Until next time!
– J

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