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I’m a sucker for personalised gifts, and that’s no secret. Both giving and receiving – there’s something so thoughtful about them compared to the usual chocolates and wine snatched off a supermarket shelf in a hurry. Don’t shoot me – I love a box of chocolates and wine just as much as the next person, but I’m also extra. I’m an extra bitch, and I like extra. When Morse Toad got in touch, I couldn’t help myself – I’m all about what they do, and how they do it.

Quick intro to Morse Toad: they are a small company based in England who specialise in personalised chocolate gifts. They offer a completely personalisable option with chocolate block letters that spell out a message, or their Puns In The Post option which combines two of quite possibly my favourite things in the world in one delightfully personalised gift- chocolate and puns. The pun comes as an image on top of a square of Belgian milk chocolate (all edible and delicious). You can add a photo of your own for an extra £1.25, which comes on one side of a plastic card – add a message on the other side to really make someone smile. Here’s my very own Chocolate Pun in The Post:

It honestly felt like Christmas when this arrived through the letterbox in its shiny, perfectly wrinkle-free gold packaging. No delays whatsoever, as prompt as the way my milk goes out of date when I’m not looking. That’s the other wonderful thing about it, it’s the ideal size for a letterbox gift and you won’t have to worry about being at home to sign for a bulky parcel that won’t fit through the door.

In case there’s anyone who’s concerned about allergies/dietary requirements when it comes to the chocolate:

The ordering process was a breeze. All you have to do once you’re on their website is pick a pun (there are some good ones – by good I mean so awful that they’re great), upload your own photo if you wish, add a message that you’d like to appear on the card, and choose how many you’d like delivered. Pricing wise, they come at £6.95 per package, or £8.20 if you include your own photo. Not bad at all if you ask me. Use the code “summerlove” to get 30% off, whilst summeryness lasts – precarious gamble if you’re getting lulled into a false sense of security by all this sunshine we’ve had in the UK recently.

This was most definitely a sponsored post in the form of a gifting, but would I go back to Morse Toad to get someone a prezzie? Without a doubt. If you know someone with a sweet tooth and a killer sense of humour LIKE ME, they’ll be right up your street. Something like this would suit pretty much every occasion I can think of – birthdays, holidays, graduations – even divorces, because *evil laugh*.  (Kidding… maybe).

Have you tried anything from Morse Toad? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear what you thought of it! Until next time – you go girl.

– J

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in the form of a gifting. All opinions are my own. All images used have either been kindly provided by Morse Toad, or photographed and edited by J exclusively for thenellybean. 

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