Review: OUD Milano Flawless Beauty Primer

I received this primer courtesy of OUD Milano and ithestylist, and I can honestly say that it has worked its way into becoming my go-to product on days when I fancy a more fresh-faced look. Here is the review, as promised in my “A Foundation-Free Face” and “My Day At OUD Milano UK” posts.

  • Packaging

You know when people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Let’s be honest, the cover is there so that you can judge the book and decide whether you want to read it or not. Anyway. The packaging is beautifully sleek and the matte black box with the silver wording is just elegance personified. I’m also loving the frosted glass bottle – maybe dropping a rather large hint with the whole blurred effect going on (primer.. blurs… pores.. get it?) The nozzle is great too, keeps it all very tidy – not much spillage with each pump and the cap doesn’t fall off easily.

  • Product

I’ll start by saying that my skin tends to fluctuate between oily and dry in a certain pattern – it’ll start off pretty dry in the morning, and then the grease will start to build up as the day goes on. Now, here are the basic things that I want primer to do for me:

  1. Blur my black-hole-sized pores.
  2. Mattify everything.
  3. Help any makeup I put on my face last longer + smoother application.
  4. Bring out the colour of my bronzer/contour/highlight.

Let’s start with number one. This primer definitely had a pore-blurring effect, which I loved so much that I decided to wear the primer by itself without any foundation or BB cream. My blemishes were less obvious, though blackheads not so much – maybe I expected too much. It also definitely gave me a more matte look than usual, without being drying – this in turn really made my highlight pop when I applied it. A definite win on these two points.

Lasting power was less impressive. I started to lose the matte effect as the day went on, and my powder bronzer and contouring products rubbed off as soon as the oil started to break through the primer barrier. The hot weather didn’t help much. It worked slightly better when I used a light layer of pressed powder over the top, but more durability during the day would have been nice.

Greasetown after a long day. Wore the primer with just a little concealer and pressed powder in certain places, no foundation – the no-makeup makeup look is my favourite! Photographed by J. Please excuse Spotty McSpotty on my forehead.

That being said, this primer did a great job of making my bronzer/contour/highlight more prominent. Got rid of patchy application, and as mentioned before, it really helped  show off my highlight. This meant using less product in an attempt to get that perfect balance of subtle and noticeable, and as we all know, less product = less spending = great.

Normally, this would cost £35.99 (or $45.24 if you’re in the USA). It’s a great primer, but I think it would work best for someone who has dry skin – someone whose skin stays fairly dry throughout the day. Not the best choice for us greasy ones. There are many other products under £35.99 and many cheaper ways to achieve that polished, smooth complexion and to keep oil in check all day long. I’m looking at you, Simple toners. If you’ve tried this primer from OUD Milano, I’d love to hear what you think! More reviews coming up for more products from them. Stay tuned, you go girl.

– J

Product was provided by OUD Milano UK, all opinions and photographs in this post are my own.

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  1. The packaging is absolutely stunning!!! I want to buy it for that, however for £35 with greasy skin it’s probably not worth it for me!!! Fab review xx

  2. You make me want this. I don’t even wear the stuff! By the way, was enticed to buy make up at Ulta. Got free make up bag with makeup. Going to try it tonight. 🙂

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