Review: OUD Milano Crazy After Shower Powder in Raspberry

I’m not much of a bath person (what do you do in there?) but this one has taken my fancy recently. Received this as part of a goodie bag when I went to OUD Milano a while back, and here’s what I thought.

  • Packaging

Transparent plastic bottle with the OUD Milano branding in black. It has a white pump dispenser cap that sprays the product as a powder mist, and can be folded shut when not in use. The pump dispenser also means that it can be sprayed in your hair or all over the body, though a lot of product diffuses away and gets wasted – I’m more of a “pour it out and rub it all over” person. It all looks very snazzy though, and I like the all-white concept.

  • Product

Price: £19.52

Weight: 75 g

Part of OUD Milano’s skincare range, this one is a tasty little treat that can be used after a shower/bath as the name suggests – I think it works great for completing a party look; who doesn’t love a bit of extra glitter? Speaking of which, the glitter comes out in pretty decent-sized chunks. Forget shimmer, it’s all about isolated pieces of glitz with this one.

Let’s get to the scent – I’m such a sucker for anything raspberry scented. The powder smells absolutely delightful and the raspberry scent is subtle yet present. I could honestly inhale this for hours, it’s that perfect combination of sweet and fruity – oozes luxury. OUD have released these powders in Vanilla and Strawberries & Cream too – these are some of my favourite body product scents but… only three scents? More please! (Forest Fruits, anyone?)

Bit of a letdown in terms of lasting power. Sadly, it tends to rub off quickly but using a lotion or body cream beforehand helps it go the extra mile. OUD have not-so-coincidentally released body creams in the same three scents, presumably to be matched with the corresponding powder scent. Anyone else want to be rebellious and combine all three? I think they’d actually smell pretty good, maybe a tad like a creamy fruit dessert.

All in all, a delightful little addition to my winding-down routine at the end of the day. Perhaps not worth £19.52 for a glittery powder, but I’ll be enjoying this one whilst it lasts. Seriously, that scent. If you’ve tried this or anything else by OUD, I’d love to hear what you thought! You go girl.

– J

Product was provided by OUD Milano UK, all opinions and photographs in this post are my own. 

10 Comments on “Review: OUD Milano Crazy After Shower Powder in Raspberry”

  1. Hey lovely J.
    I haven’t commented in a while and while I enjoyed this post, my comment is going to be entirely irrelevant!
    I wanted to tell you that I bought some BB cream because of you!
    It’s good and doesn’t flare up my eczema which I’ve had forever and while it’s not always present, it flaRes up through stress, allergies etc . It’s quite heartbreaking sometimes as it’s itchy and unsightly. I use a very mild cortisone cream (I know!) when it does appear . I never use commercial moisturisers or cleansers etc.
    I have immense trouble finding suitable foundation. It has to be light in colour and consistency, low on perfume, matte and preferably hypoallergenic – the last one is practically impossible to find . I was using a fab loreal one and wanted to try something different. While I can’t use the BB every day as I fear too much of a moisturiser that isn’t my eczema cream will damage my ridiculously sensitive skin, I use it sparingly and I like it!
    So thank you.
    If you have any suggestions for my skin regarding foundation etc I’d love to hear them.
    You’re so fab.
    Lots of love x

  2. Interesting idea! I’ve never tried anything from this brand before, but I think I’d be more likely to go for the cream. As for other scents, how about mango? Mmm! I love baths – they make me stop doing stuff and just be still for a while!

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