The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes for Beginning Makeup Enthusiasts

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you today my very lovely guest blogger – Alizabeth from Curvyhipsandtintedlips. She is an incredibly talented lady who blogs about learning to love your body, beauty, fashion and lifestyle – all with a generous dollop of positivity and self love. Much to my delight, she got in touch recently and we decided to write a guest post for each other’s blogs.  She’s made some great recommendations for makeup brushes in hers – I won’t steal her thunder. Here’s her post.

If you’re just getting yourself into makeup, more than likely you’ve spent a few hours searching around Pinterest and YouTube looking for tools to get you started. You’ve probably lost a little bit of sanity when beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Nikkitutorials, or Manny MUA using brushes that cost $45, $74, or even $130! WHAT?! But, don’t worry babe, you don’t have to spend that much money to get yourself a set of makeup brushes that are perfect for beginners, all at an affordable price!

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NYX Flawless Finish Sponge– $7.99

If you’ve heard of the $20 Beauty Blender, the NYX Flawless Finish sponge does the same thing! You can use this sponge to apply primer, apply foundation, bake your foundation, apply highlighter, blend cream contour, blend concealer, and set your foundation with powder with! A multi-purpose sponge, for $7.99!

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ELF Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush– $3

Another multi-purpose tool! You can use this small Tapered brush for applying setting powders, contouring, bronzing, blush, and highlighter! During your makeup application, you can use this brush for four-to-five uses on your face!

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Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush – $1.99

Angled line brushes are great to use for filling in your eyebrows, applying winged liner, or filling in the edges of your lips with lipstick!

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ELF Cosmetics C Brush– $3

A C brush can be used for packing on eyeshadow pigments on your eyes with, contouring your nose with, as well as applying concealer underneath your eyes.

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Real Techniques Tapered Shadow Brush– $6.49

This brush is our most expensive brush on the list, in the sense that you can really only using this blending brush for one purpose: blending eyeshadows with. The brush is a little too small to apply contour, blush, or highlighter with, but is the perfect size to use to apply transition and crease shades for your eyes.

So, with five brushes, all for the grand total of $22.47, you can have enough brushes to do your entire face with! Talk about beauty on a budget, right! I hope you enjoy shopping for your new makeup brushes.

Many thanks again to Alizabeth for guest posting on my blog, stay tuned for more future collabs! Head over to her blog if you fancy reading my guest post, titled “What It Really Means To Love Yourself”. 

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