The Staples

We all know that feeling in the morning. The bleary-eyed grapple for the snooze button in the morning, and the burrowing under the duvet that always seems that bit cosier at 6am. But no! This is where I unabashedly admit that “putting my face on” in the mornings is one of my dearest pleasures. Why not invest quality time into something we do for ourselves every day? Easier said than done. For the mere mortals amongst us, having five minutes for our faces somewhere in the morning rush can be a luxury. (Note: hats off to the ladies who brave liquid eyeliner and mascara on a moving train during rush hour).  Who says that waking up earlier = more time for make-up = looking better? Let’s be honest, beauty sleep is called what it is for a reason, and in my books, getting those 8 hours = no (reduced) dark circles = no need for under-eye concealer. Win-win.

In the picture above, I gathered a few of my go-to beauty products in the morning. I love a fresh, natural look with a dewy glow, so the liquid eyeliner in the photo should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.


To start off, I tend to use a light moisturiser all over my face and neck. Usually, I avoid foundation and powder, as my skin tends to fluctuate unpredictably between greasy and Sahara dry. When it comes to dealing with spots, I dab a little concealer over them after the moisturiser, and apply powder to set. Note: the trick is to dab concealer with the finger, rather than rubbing it in.


The eyes almost always come next for me. Doing the eyes before the rest of the face tends to give a pretty good indicator as to how the rest of the makeup goes on. I find that if my eyes are done up first, I feel less of a need to put more makeup on the rest of my face. For the eyes, I usually stick to a few coats of mascara and some brown pencil eyeliner under the eyes, just to give them that little bit of definition. I tend to dot the eyeliner gently along my bottom lash line, rather than draw a firm line across. I find that this creates a better illusion of fuller lashes rather than a flat out line. As mentioned above, the cat eye only happens if I have some extra time on my hands, ie. set my alarm clock too early.


Lips are always fun to play up, but the golden rule still stands: Play up only your eyes or lips. I mean, feel free to play up both if your work environment permits but in general, I like to keep it simple on the lips. The lipstick in the picture above is an Estee Lauder Signature in the shade Vintage Mauve. The plum-pink colour really brings my face to life, and it works well for both cool and warm complexions. Contrary to the name, it is far from being a granny lipstick, and it is very buildable thanks to its satin finish, which makes for easy application. More often than not, I just use a lip balm instead like the lip butter in the picture in Sweet Lemon by The Body Shop. For some subtle colour, use a tinted lip balm or moisturising lip crayon instead. This can be used under a lipstick to prevent cracking and dryness.


I am currently loving the Precision Contouring Sticks by Collection. They’re chubby, compact, and most of all, apply smoothly and are deliciously easy to blend. Believe it or not, I walked into the store looking for an eyeshadow crayon and left with one of these. The one featured above is in Medium. I just swipe it under my cheekbones and blend with my finger, or the powder brush in the picture. It gives a lovely warm glow to the face without having the shimmer that a lot of bronzers tend to have. Here’s a tip: swipe it over the eyelids for an all-over eyeshadow base colour or at the outer corners for a subtle contour if you’re running late but desperately need to reduce the puffiness factor.

And there you have it. My everyday makeup routine whittled down to five minutes or less. Remember ladies, a smile is the most precious beauty product a woman can own, and nobody wears your smile better than you do. You go girl.

– J

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  1. Your first was way better than my first, haha! Have you done any updated staples posts? I’ve noticed that my own staples change way more often than I think.

  2. This was a great first post! Your make up daily look sounds nice and simple, I like it! I also am a huge fan of the collection contour sticks. Such amazing value for a great product eh! xx

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