Triple Threat

Not too long ago, the delightful Jen from Groenthea left a comment on one of my posts. She told me about how she is allergic to the perfumes in many makeup products and all she can wear is eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. This got me thinking. Being the shameless hoarder that I am, I’m not sure how I could bring myself to part with my entire makeup collection and stick to three products only. Talk about #firstworldproblems at its best.

So, I decided to do a post today where I will talk about three of my makeup essentials, as well as a few tips on how to get the most out of each one. “Stranded on an island” situations, here I come.

  • Brown eyeliner pencil

triple threat.png
Top to bottom: OUD Milano Kohol 201 Brown, Barry M Kohl Pencil in Brown, KIKO Milano Smart Colour Eye Pencil in Matte Brown

If you’ve read my other posts (teehee), you’re probably sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about brown eyeliner pencils. This is my holy grail. I remember discovering the magic of brown eyeliners over black ones several years ago, and I have never looked back since. They look much softer and are much more versatile. I often use this on my upper lashline and the outer two thirds of my lower lash line. If you’re into more of a smoky look, concentrate the colour close to your lashline and fade out as you approach the crease. Feel free to use it to define your crease, or to wing it outwards meow-style. The sky’s the limit.

TOP TIP: I tend to look for brown pencils with more of an ashy tone to them – they double up as brow pencils too. My natural brows are the near-black kind of dark, so a cool-toned brown is perfect for them.

  • Foundation

Left to right: Essence of Beauty Finishing Brush, Collection Naturally Matt Foundation in Ivory, Superdrug Foundation/Concealer brush

I have my fair share of good and bad skin days. Either way, I like my coverage. I tend to gravitate towards mattifying foundations since my skin is prone to frying-pan-style grease, but if you’re more of a dry skin person, BB creams might be a better bet for you. Foundations also act as a great primer for eye makeup, particularly if you’re wearing lighter eyeshadow colours.

TOP TIP: Apply a light layer of foundation before applying lipstick to help it last longer, and prevent it from settling into fine lines quickly.

  • Lip liner pencil

Left to right: PS Lip Liner Pencil in Brown, Barry M Lip Liner in Blush

Probably one of my more recent obsessions. I find that using lip liners as an all-over lip colour is the perfect balance between a matte lipstick and a creamier lipstick. No matter how much balm I use before applying matte lip liquids, they just seem to gravitate towards my fine lines – can pruney lips be a thing, please? On the other hand, creamy satin-finish lipsticks are gloriously hydrating and make for some very comfortable wear, but tend to slide off after a certain amount of time no matter what I do. There’s nothing quite like a pop of colour on the lips to brighten the face. If you prefer a gentle wash of colour over precise lines, add some balm before/after applying your lip liner.

TOP TIP: Your lip liner can double up as a blush, especially if it’s a creamier formula. If not, mix with some vaseline/your favourite lip balm and blend well into your cheeks. Trรจs chic.

If we ever meet on a deserted island somewhere out at sea, you’ll know which three beauty items I’ll have in my bag. Until then… potatoes gonna potate, hoarders gonna hoard! Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

Oh, and you go girl.

– J

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12 Comments on “Triple Threat”

  1. Those three all sound like versatile products! I would probably go for a brow pencil, a powder and mascara.. I don’t know if I could go out without mascara, honestly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks! Wow! I’m mentioned in a post! How exciting!
    There is just one thing I have to confess. I, recently, found a liquid foundation, a bronzer, and a concealer I can use! Yay!
    I will have to learn how to use them, now. ?

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