What Does the Holiday Season Mean to You?

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In the words of Bing Crosby, Christmas is a-coming! In the words of J from thenellybean, it’s NEVER too early to start playing Christmas music. Yes, I’ve started. In true Christmas spirit, I thought it would be nice to do something collaborative with some of my fellow bloggers. I took to good ol’ social media platforms and posed the question, “What does the holiday season mean to you?” I was overwhelmed with responses that warmed my heart and made me giggle in equal measure, so I have decided to feature these lovely human beings in this post – yes, each and every one of them. Make yourself a cup of tea, get cosy and enjoy. And please check out their blogs!

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Christmas for me is all about family, comfortable ritual and familiar traditions. It’s a time of love and giving. You know me x

I do indeedy, Sonia. And you have a beautiful family! (and beautiful doggos)

Check Sonia’s blog out here: losingtheplotweb.wordpress.com/


For me, the holiday season means spending lots of fun time with my family, eating alllllll the good food, giving and receiving lots of lovely gifts, and listening to Christmas songs all day everyday!

Aha, I knew I wasn’t the only one with the Christmas music obsession.

Check Becca’s blog out here: becc4.co.uk


A chance to give, I’ve done a gift wrapping service for 9-10 years now and every Christmas Eve I get to help people wrap their presents while I raise money for charity. And I do it all out of my own pocket.

That’s a wonderful idea, Emily! Giving to charity AND helping those of us who can’t wrap presents to save our lives.

Check Emily’s blog out here: tdartscorner.wordpress.com


For me it’s to spend quality time with my husband and children with a proper break from work! Being self employed I literally work every day, but I will always take Christmas Day and Boxing Day off so it’s the only days of the year I fully relax and have time to switch off and simply enjoy being at home cosily with my family. 

I admire your discipline with being self-employed, it can’t be easy. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved down time!

Check Victoria’s blog out here: healthyvix.com


Christmas for me is all about the presence. I love how for this period we all live more in the moment. At Christmas we concentrate on making each day count; families and communities come together with the collective focus of celebration and enjoyment. People are just a little kinder; there are more smiles given for free; gratitude spreads in ripples and we all appreciate life just that little bit more. 

Kindness doesn’t cost a penny, and it could make someone’s day. I’m always up for more of that positive spirit that goes hand in hand with the holidays!

Check Kirstie’s blog out here: raisingadultsdaily.wordpress.com/


The holiday season, to me, always means family and good food. We always get together over a large meal on the holidays, updating family members that we don’t see much on our lives while my grandma always cooks up something lovely for us all to enjoy. There is plenty of food for everyone, plenty of conversation, and it’s a great time to get together with cousins and aunts that live far away. 

Home-cooked fooooood. Enough said.

Check Jupiter’s blog out here: jupiterhadley.com


Like most people, Christmas means family time for me. With it being my Auntie’s birthday on Boxing Day, we always go to hers for a double celebration which is great fun and an event we look forward to all year 🙂 That side of my family are from the Caribbean so it’s very different to my traditional British Christmas I would’ve had the day before with the other side of my family. There’s loads of food (west Indian ham and chicken instead of Turkey), loud reggae and soca music, dancing, whiskey and rum! 

Katie gets two Christmases to party it up, and I am very jealous indeed. I’ll have to try some of that west Indian ham one of these days.

Check Katie’s blog out here: studentskint.com


I’m self employed so work all the time. Christmas gives me an excuse to take a few days off to spend with the family. Our Christmas traditions – each year I let the kids decorate the tree. We add in our elves. Then that night the elves invite their friends to help with the tree (they come fix the decorations when the kids are asleep ?). We also make Christmas cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas eve. 

Honestly, I don’t know what we’d do without said elves.

Check Melanie’s blog out here: melaniesfabfinds.co.uk


To be honest, I really dislike Christmas and have done ever since my children got older. My son is a chef and has always had to work Christmas so we’ve not been able to do Christmas on 25th. Then girlfriends came along and we found that trying to get everyone in the same place quite a challenge.

I feel it puts too much pressure on people for such a long build up. We don’t go for masses of presents but will enjoy a meal and time together. It’s happening in November this year!

But I do partake in some Xmas spirit with lots of charitable giving, particularly to homeless and children’s charities.

Christmas can sometimes be more stressful than fun, I struggle to organise a coffee date with one person as it is! Nevertheless, quality time is always worth it.

Check Jo’s blog out here: teaandcakeforthesoul.wordpress.com


Christmas is such a special time for me. My birthday is 6 days before so it’s a very busy month with lots of great food, giving & receiving gifts. I don’t see a lot of my family very much as they live hours away so it’s a time where everybody comes together and makes special memories. We play games, have a drink and be merry! I love it and I’m sure when I have children I will love it even more.

Ah, a fellow Christmas baby! My birthday is two days after, so it’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year (did you sing that out loud? Good.)

Check Kerri’s blog out here: diagonalstripes.co.uk


As a half Danish person, whose family loves to celebrate a Danish Christmas, the holidays are a special chance to spend quality time with my family and embrace my heritage with them!

There’s something so magical about enjoying your cultural heritage at the holidays and taking the chance to reconnect!

Check Emily’s blog out here: emilyaagaard.com


For me it means spending to with your loved ones. This can be family and friends. Most importantly it’s about giving back to those less fortunate x

Christmas is all about giving in every sense. Good on you!

Check Adebola’s blog out here: mybreakingviews.com


For me, Christmas is all about spending quality time with your loved ones as well as eating lots of great food. Also, I usually go to church on the day, so the service reminds me about the importance of the season and that in turn allows me to reflect on the year that I’ve had.

I went to a Catholic school, so I can appreciate the beauty of Christmas church services. Reflection is a big one for me too, and the end of the year is a great time for it.

Check Kelle’s blog out here: itskellesspace.com


For me Christmas is a time of giving, whether that’s gift or spending time with your loved ones.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Check Kim’s blog out here: chimmyville.co.uk

And now for my turn. What do the holidays mean to me? My family doesn’t traditionally celebrate Christmas, but it’s a great time to get together and spend quality time together. Food is a big thing for us, so there will be lots of cooking and enjoying sugary treats – at least on my part, because I have a sweet tooth and I’ve given up on reining it in. Above all, this Christmas is going to be a time for reflection for me. It’s been an eventful year that has been tough at times on my family. I plan to take the time to cherish the things and people I am grateful for, and to move forward in the new year armed with the life lessons that this year has taught me – a little older and a little wiser.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me contributions for this post – please have a look at their work and show them some love! Until next time.

– J

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  1. I love how one season can mean so many different things to so many different people. The beauty of the holidays!

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