What I’ve Learned About My Blog Readers

what i've learned about my nlog readers, analytics, google, keywords

If you talk to any blogger – no matter what stage they’re at – they’ll probably throw in the word “analytics” or “keywords” at some point in the conversation. Everyone blogs for different reasons, but a lot of the behind-the-scenes work of blogging is centred around getting to know you.

Yes, you. The reader.

We WANT to get to know you. We want to get to know what brings you to our websites and what makes you want to stay, or want to leave. We want to know what you’re hoping to find on our websites, and how we can deliver that content to make you want to stay, or come back again and again.

There are a number of ways we can do this. Social media platforms help us know what kind of content you guys are engaging with, and it’s an easy way to ask what you would like to see more of. Google Analytics gives me the stats – how many of you are visiting daily, how long you spend on a page etc. I love Google Search Console, and I think it’s a wonderful tool for people like me who are trying to figure out SEO (search engine optimisation) and the keywords you guys are typing into Google to bring up my blog in the search results.

In some ways, it feels pretty intimate – I know I’ve typed some strange things into Google myself.

Nevertheless, all these tools do the same thing. They give me valuable nuggets of information about you, in a non-creepy way. This helps me improve my blog, and in turn improve the experience you get when you visit my little corner of the internet. I thought I’d share some of those nuggets with you today.

  • Turns out it isn’t just me who buys the wrong makeup.

google search console, keywords, analytics, blog readers

Most of you seem to be visiting my blog because you’ve bought the wrong makeup. Somehow, the “Help!” posts are some of my most popular posts, if not THE most. In case you’re interested, the “Help!” series features beauty-themed posts where I share tips on how to make use of makeup you’ve bought, only to realise it isn’t the right product for you when you get home. This is something that I’ve done multiple times – it’s as if I suddenly forget my own skin tone when I shop for makeup. I also don’t like wasting products, so I do what I can to make them work for me regardless, and the “Help!” series was born.

A lot of you seem to be buying concealer that is too light for you. You know what? It’s a lot easier to deal with than orange concealer, that’s for sure.

  • You guys visit my bloggy from all over the world.

world, global reach, blog readers, analytics

It’s incredible. It really is. To date, I’ve had readers from a total of 190 countries. It blows my mind when I think about the fact that you guys are reading and visiting this little blog of mine from all over the world. I’m just happy that so many of you are able to relate to my content, that is mostly inspired by my daily life and thoughts. Please say hi in the comments if you’re reading this now and tell me where you’re from!

  • You have lots of opinions on societal expectations to have children.

opinions, blog readers, analytics

It was so nice to hear all your stories in the comments for “To Those Who Keep Asking Me When I’m Going to Have Kids“. To be quite honest, I was fed up and just needed a rant on the issue at the time, and writing tends to help me rationalise my thoughts. What I didn’t expect was the sheer diversity in the stories you lot shared about your own experiences with societal expectations to have children. There are so many angles on the issue I hadn’t even thought about, because I haven’t experienced them myself – but you have. So thank you for sharing those.

I also love how opinionated you all are. Queens, the lot of you.

  • My beauty posts seem to be the most popular.

beauty posts, blog readers, analytics

This one confuses me. Admittedly, I started this blog as a beauty blog to share the joy I get from being creative with makeup, and not necessarily following the latest beauty trends. Clearly, it morphed into something else rather quickly and I now blog about almost everything under the sun.

But you guys seem to prefer the beauty posts. I find this ironic, because I spend the least time putting these posts together compared to my other topics. My beauty posts are often the ones that require the least research and writing horsepower on my part, if you will. That doesn’t seem to stop most of you, who seem to be visiting and discovering my blog thanks to these posts. Most strange indeed, but hey – I’m not complaining.

– J

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  1. That’s amazing you’ve had readers from so many different countries! It’s also interesting to see what type of posts are popular. I started my blog as a beauty blog too, but my most popular posts are the blogging advice type posts.

  2. Thank you for this post! I check my monthly analytics and surprised that people from around the world visited my blog for blogging tips. It’s really great just to know that people read and appreciate my content 🙂 You’re great, girl!

  3. Hi. Great stats! I imagine the make-up posts are popular, and the help ones. You’ve given me some great ideas. Thank-you. I like your blog, your content makes me want to return ?

  4. You’re such a blogging “all-rounder” – nice going! My blog is too young to get this much smart analysis going yet but as I come from an insights background I just love how you’re working GA.

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