What’s In My Bag

Short and sweet one for you guys today. I’ve been seeing these “What’s in my bag” posts circulating in the blogosphere lately, mostly in the form of Vogue-worthy flatlays on Instagram or hauls that show off the blogger’s bank account better than they do the products. Naturally, I decided that I wanted a slice of that pie and I’m going to do one of my own today.

What I tell people is in my bag:

  • Manuka honey lip balm, organically farmed from a local bee farm.
  • Elizabeth Arden 24-hour cream to keep my hands softer than a baby’s bottom all day long.
  • One of my many Gucci purses. Yes darling, it’s oversized – because I need all that space.
  • Countless Estee Lauder and Tom Ford lipsticks because I just adoooore lipstick, you know.
  • Chanel No. 5, a girl’s gotta keep up that aura of class for as long as possible because that’s all the class I’ve… never mind.
  • My Kate Spade (RIP) umbrella – this hair doesn’t get on well with rain.

What’s really in my bag:

  • Cocoa butter Vaseline because it’s like eating chocolate without the calories.
  • Baby wipes because I’m a messy… baby.
  • My purse I’ve had for around four years now. It’s starting to get grotty at the corners with stains that won’t go away no matter how hard I scrub… I believe they call it well-loved.
  • My trusty £3 MUA lipstick that moisturises AND makes me look more alive. Already better at multitasking than I am.
  • Impulse body spray, because I’m a cheap bitch but I also like smelling fresh.
  • My Primark umbrella that has sheltered me through many of London’s blustery weather tantrums.

Et voila! Please leave your links below if you’ve done a “What’s in my bag” post yourself, I would love to read them all. Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend, and managed to take some time for yourself. You go girl.


Disclaimer: All images used in this post are taken from Pixabay, made available under a Creative Commons License and edited on Canva by J, exclusively for thenellybean. J accepts no responsibility if you are a Gucci-sporting, Chanel-spritzing lady who happens to take offence to any statements in this post. Perhaps one day, J herself will morph into a lady of the bourgeoisie who swans around in billowy sleeves and has her shit together but until then, Primark it is.

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7 Comments on “What’s In My Bag”

  1. I bloody love this and I think we should all do one of these posts in your honour! I love it. My actual whats in my bag would contain 3000 receipts, screwed up, un readable and possibly with am int imperial stuck to one or two! If I manage to do one of these posts, I will tag you in. Its made me smile xxxx

    1. Ahh thank you so much Kerry! Probably god-knows-how-long-it’s-been-there chewing gum for me… I can’t wait to read your version if you decide to do it xxxx

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