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Playing With Makeup: MAKEUP REVOLUTION Chocolate Orange Eyeshadow Palette

Since the Chocolate Orange palette was released as a Christmas special, I’ve been meaning to do a step-by-step tutorial based on it and in true form, I’ve finally gotten round …

Help! My Foundation Is Too Pink

A New Take on Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Trends

Beauty Tricks For Hooded Eyes

My Unpopular Beauty Opinions

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If We Were Having Coffee…

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you how good it is to see you again. I’d ramble on about how awful I am at planning get-togethers and setting a …

Life Update – New Beginnings

What’s In My Bag

A Walk In The Park

10 Thoughts Of An Introvert

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My Students Don’t Listen To Me

I have a feeling that every teacher feels this way at some point in their career. Here’s the thing – it doesn’t mean that you suck at what you do. …

Should I Start My Child On Music Lessons?

Why I Teach Music

Music, Myself and Moi

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How To Cut Your Own Hair

Guilty as charged. Ever since I made the impulsive decision to get a fringe, a little DIY trim here and there has become the mainstay of my hair maintenance. Also …

Youtube Favourites

Things To Remember During Exam Season

‘Tis The Season To DIY Christmas

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Review: Morse Toad – Chocolate Puns In The Post

I’m a sucker for personalised gifts, and that’s no secret. Both giving and receiving – there’s something so thoughtful about them compared to the usual chocolates and wine snatched off …

Review: Boots Fragrance Finder

Beauty Salon Review: Polished Dulwich

Review: You Said It Cards

Review: Dr. PawPaw Original Balm

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Beauty Blunders: Episode 9

Welcome back to the ninth episode of Beauty Blunders, a series dedicated to guest bloggers and of course, you! Presenting to you a little compilation of our embarrassing beauty mishaps …

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Beauty Blunders: Episode 7

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