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Midnight Snack Musings 6

I haven’t written one of these in a long time. In fact, I have a confession. I haven’t stayed up until midnight in a VERY long time, let alone snack …

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I’m Messy… Or Am I?

what i learned in 2019, featured image

What I Learned in 2019

if we were having mulled wine, featured image

If We Were Having Mulled Wine…

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featured image, lockdown lifestyle

The Lockdown Lifestyle

Wake up. Think about how much revision I need to get done for the day. Cry. Get out of bed. Have breakfast whilst watching for the neighbour’s cat to visit …

money money money blog post

Money Money Money

A-Z of Curing Writer's Block

A-Z of Curing Writer’s Block

How To Cut Your Own Hair

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greasy hair fix, no dry shampoo, washing, greasy roots, oily, haircare, skincare, hair, beauty, quick fix, advice

Help! Greasy Hair Fixes – NO Washing or Dry Shampoo

Not a makeup one today, but definitely something I struggle with more often than I’d like to admit (greasing it up RIGHT NOW as we speak). My hair is fairly …

how to keep mascara from ending up all over your lids - cover photo

Help! My Mascara Is All Over My Eyelids

Perks of Every Skin Type

Help! My Foundation Is Too Pink

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Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist

When you’re collecting your prescription and the pharmacist asks if you have any questions for them… Well, do you? A fellow blogger (go show her some love here) left a …

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What Do Pharmacists Actually Do?

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My Thoughts on Intravenous Vitamin Drips

featured image - how to annoy your pharmacist

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Stage Fright

Remember those good old days at school when we had to stand at the front of the classroom and read a poem aloud? Me too. I can’t remember the poems …

My Students Don’t Listen To Me

Should I Start My Child On Music Lessons?

Why I Teach Music

Music, Myself and Moi

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Review: Leviko Designs

The lovely Louise from Leviko Designs very kindly gave me the opportunity to review her jewellery. I was immediately intrigued by the concept and aesthetic of Leviko Designs, and the …

Hunkemoller review post - cover picture

Review: Hunkemoller – Lingerie, Swimwear and More

Review: Pretty Gifted

Review: Hunted by Robert Woods

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5 minute pancake fillings - featured image

5-Minute Pancake Fillings

Mmm, pancakes. I can confidently say that I ate more pancakes in December 2019 than I typically eat in a year. Making pancakes with someone you love, or having them …

BBQ & Mozzarella Potato Cakes

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Cooking Tips – Level Up

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

No Bake Maple Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis