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how to keep mascara from ending up all over your lids - cover photo

Help! My Mascara Is All Over My Eyelids

This one is very real for me, ladies. I spent years trying all sorts of mascaras and contorting my face into various deformed shapes whilst applying it, only to have …

Perks of Every Skin Type

Help! My Foundation Is Too Pink

A New Take on Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Trends

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Learning to Drive

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am a fully grown adult woman at twenty-two years of age and I am only now just learning to drive. Naturally, I decided to share …

2018 in a Blog Post

Cover image - not taking things personally

(Not) Taking Things Personally

I’m Messy… Or Am I?

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Stage Fright

Remember those good old days at school when we had to stand at the front of the classroom and read a poem aloud? Me too. I can’t remember the poems …

My Students Don’t Listen To Me

Should I Start My Child On Music Lessons?

Why I Teach Music

Music, Myself and Moi

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money money money blog post

Money Money Money

Ugh, money. Here’s the thing – it’s not money I dislike. I really don’t mind the feel of cold hard cash in hand at all, and receiving my first Google …

A-Z of Curing Writer's Block

A-Z of Curing Writer’s Block

How To Cut Your Own Hair

Youtube Favourites

Things To Remember During Exam Season

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Review: Leviko Designs

The lovely Louise from Leviko Designs very kindly gave me the opportunity to review her jewellery. I was immediately intrigued by the concept and aesthetic of Leviko Designs, and the …

Hunkemoller review post - cover picture

Review: Hunkemoller – Lingerie, Swimwear and More

Review: Pretty Gifted

Review: Hunted by Robert Woods

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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

It’s no coincidence that I’ve been posting dessert recipes recently – my sweet tooth isn’t exactly a well kept secret. So, I had cravings for a rich, dense chocolate cake …

No Bake Maple Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis