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Perks of Every Skin Type

Recently, the lovely Grace from That Feeling Inside very kindly invited me to work on a collab post all about self love. This got me thinking – why not apply …

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Things I Do When Nobody’s Looking

I pee in the shower. Oh come on, who doesn’t? You who is smirking at your screen right now – yes, you – don’t lie to me. I sit in …

Midnight Snack Musings 5

If We Were Having Coffee…

Life Update – New Beginnings

What’s In My Bag

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Stage Fright

Remember those good old days at school when we had to stand at the front of the classroom and read a poem aloud? Me too. I can’t remember the poems …

My Students Don’t Listen To Me

Should I Start My Child On Music Lessons?

Why I Teach Music

Music, Myself and Moi

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A-Z of Curing Writer's Block

A-Z of Curing Writer’s Block

Ever sit down to write a blog post for the week, only to have nothing come to mind? Nada. Zilch. No matter how hard you try to squeeze the creative …

How To Cut Your Own Hair

Youtube Favourites

Things To Remember During Exam Season

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Review: Hunted by Robert Woods

I’ve always been one of those children who had their noses stuck in a book for the majority of the time they spent awake, and spent the rest of it …

Review: Boots Fragrance Finder

Beauty Salon Review: Polished Dulwich

Review: You Said It Cards

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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

It’s no coincidence that I’ve been posting dessert recipes recently – my sweet tooth isn’t exactly a well kept secret. So, I had cravings for a rich, dense chocolate cake …

No Bake Maple Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis